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Toni Kaic

I am a man that is 40 years old, a father, a husband and an hard working entrepreneur. I only have 2 hobbies, one is hunting and during hunting season I try to get out at least 2-3 days every week in the woods either for hunting och just to sit there with my binoculars (Fomei of course ;-) ) watching the wildlife and enjoying the peace and quiet the the forest has to offer.

During the summer when hunting season is over I take all the spare time that I have to concentrate on my other hobby that is competition shooting. I compete with both handguns, rifles and shotgun. My main passion is IPSC shooting and 3 gun shooting. At the moment I am experimenting with Fomei 1-4 x 24 rifle scope on my competition AR rifle.

I also recently got my new competition shotgun home from the retailer and are looking for a good red dot sight to speed up my performance in IPSC Shotgun. When I’m not competing I am a certified shooting instructor so the wide range of testing abilities of our optics are almost unlimited.

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