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Igor Slovák

In 2014 I have started my career of a photographer. In that time, I just needed to make some photos of my products and fire show, but there wasn`t any photographer, who would be able to fill up my ideas. Thenceforth I go about improving not only with camera and light set up, but also postproduction, which is unthinkable part of my production. Nowadays, I present my creating as The Aratron`s Art.

Since I was a boy, I was fascinated by satrapy of Elves, goblins, invincible warriors and magic. The beautiful witches or natural magic beings are so attractive for me, that I like to project that fantastic world to my images and photos. I love drama and playing between light and dark, which I always find in my visions and I`m trying to project them to art.

My production accentuates to precise light settings, art make up, costumes and generous fashion accessories. Work with light is an important aspect of the style of my photography. Particular drama or film lightning is exactly what breath in life and unique to my art.

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