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Marcin Golianek

My name is Marcin Golianek, I'm a polish photographer based in Lublin. My photography started not from passion but curiosity, from drive to be better in what I do and the need to create. This need, haunted me from a very young age through a lot of hobbies, but photography has fascinated me the most. And this is what for me is the most important in what I do. To tell a story and awake feelings in the person who looks at my photographs .To craft the light at my will. To make something inspiring.

For a long time my main focus was photojournalism but as soon as I walked into the studio and discover colour gels it flipped my point of view completely. Artificial lights gave me ability not only to show the world as I see it but to create a new one.

My work can be seen on magazines, press and music covers. I enjoy work with other creatives like video makers, musicians, makeup artists and stylists. When you see a whole team united and willing to add their passion to make a photoshoot work out you know you do it right.

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