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Piotr Musial

I believe thanks to the vagaries of my education as an Architect I have developed a benign obsession with regards to geometry, composition, framing of my pictures but also purposefully breaking those conventions all the same. Despite the fact that I have not been a practicing Architect for many years now I am constantly rediscovering the formative importance of that period for my life and my photography. The Philosophy of Deconstructivism by Jacques Derrida is also very close to me.


The most frequent subjects for my photography are people and women in particular. I am fascinated by the journey of discovery through photography. Conversely models often are a canvas, virgin clay I paint on and shape to convey my vision. In situations like that model’s personality exists in the background and the model becomes the material I use to give my ideas shape from.


I am fascinated by studio photography but not necessarily happening in an indoors studio environment. It is more about the creation of a particular effect using tools and equipment normally associated with an indoors studio photography. It is all about getting the idea out of my head into that perfect frame using light. I could actually say that, to quote my photographer friend Grzesiek Szafruga, “I don’t need the Sun”. I am a thoroughbred studio animal and to a certain extent I believe I can substitute the Sun.

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