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Digitalis Pro - S400 DC

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Unique studio flash head with STROBO function, powered with removable bulit-in Li-Ion battery.

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Studio flash with STROBO function is supplied by Li-Ion battery and the pilot light is solved by 2,5W LED diode.

With fully charged battery you can do 550 (high intensity) - 4500 (low intensity) flashes. Thanks to the bayonet BOWENS you can use a wide range of softboxes or another accessories.

Forget untangling cables and looking for power sources. It is easy, just connect radio receiver, turn the flash on and start shooting.

Wide triggering possibilities

You can choose from transmitters and receivers FOMEI or you can use triggers you have already got. Digitalis Pro DC have specific rectangle shaped socket above the display for proffesional FOMEI receivers, but there is also unified 6,3 mm jack socket for other receivers.

If you forget the triggering system at home, there is no easier thing than activate the CELL mode (slave mode) and trigger of the flash by another flash.

You can use FOMEI wireless flash trigger TR-16 with the test button (FY7829 and FY7859).

For wireless intensity control, you can use TR-22 trigger (Clearence sale) or HSS transmitter and receiver for CANON (FY9153, FY9152) or for NIKON (FY9156, FY9183).

High sync speed function is avalible only with HSS transmitter and receiver for CANON (FY9153, FY9152) or for NIKON (FY9156, FY9183).

1. Normal Mode

• This is a standard mode, common for all studio flash heads.
• You can controll the flash head power with a rotatable regulator from 1.0 f-stop (6Ws) to 7.0 f-stop (400Ws).  
• You can adjust the power each 0.1 f-stop.

2. HSS mode ("H")

¨• You can shoot with shutter speed till 1/8000 s even with full flash intensity.
• Fast shutter times can freeze almost everything, this property is the most popular among sport photographers.
• You can find the last intensity set after the switching to normal mode.
• Intensity setup is from H1 (low intensity) to H7 (high intensity) by 1 step.
• Avalible only with HSS transmitter and receiver for CANON (FY9153, FY9152) or for NIKON (FY9156, FY9183).

3. High Flash Duration Mode ("T")

• In this mode you adjust only the speed of the flash (flash duration).
• This mode is used for photographies in motion, advertisement and art photografies when it is necessary to "freeze" the motion.
• When you switch back to Normal Mode, the last used power is set.
• You can change the speed of the flash from T1 (lowest power) to T7 (highest power) with a rotatable regulator.
• You can adjust the speed each 1 f-stop.

4. Stroboscopic Mode ("C")

• This function is able to trigger 5, 10 or 15 flashes per 1 second.
• With this mode you use time "B" or you can experiment with longer duration - 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 s.
• 2 power modes: C1 (lower) a C2 (higher)
• We recommend using this mode for photographies in motion.
• Colour temperature and the speed of the flash is similar to t1 and t2 mode.

Flash Power and Colour Temperature (Normal Mode)
Power f-stop Power Ws Colour Temperature K
7.0 400 5420
6.0 200 5480
5.0 100 5560
4.0 50 5600
3.0 25 5590
2.0 12.5 5550
1.0 6 5500

Flash output6 - 400Ws
Flash charging0,02 - 3,5s
Flash duration1/12800 - 1/416s
Chromaticity of flash5450 (+/- 200)K
Pilot bulb outputLED 2,5W
Chromaticity of pilot bulb5500K
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