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FOMEI 1-4x24 BEATER II SMC G4 riflescope

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New generation of Beater riflescope is equiped with red dot and variable magnification. The robust one-piece tube is filled with Nitrogen. It features a high resistance to kickback adequate for example to caliber 300WIN Magnum. Lens is finished with SMC coating.

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BEATER II is the second generation of the successful line FOMEI BEATER. Variable optics, reticle has a red dot.

Riflescope body is filled with dry nitrogen. It features a high resistance to kickback adequate for example caliber 300WIN Magnum. The tube of diameter 30mm is made of one piece and the walls are reinforced for higher rigidity. The optical part is equipped with SMC coating for high light transmission and image clarity. For mounting on the weapon we recommend using a fixed steel mount of 30mm.

Red dot brightness control is on the left side of the tube. The intensity of the red point can be adjusted in 6 steps - 3 steps for day and 3 steps for night. Red dot adjustment includes position "0" between each step (see the picture). This allows quick and easy selection of the right position for day and night. The lighting can be switched off from any position by turning in both directions. This riflescope is ready to turn on at the last used position of red dot adjustment.

BEATER II provides a new ergonomic design for control of variable magnification. It is equipped with an element that allows to control the zoom settings by touch. Shooter is always an overview of the zoom settings even at night. Caps of control units are designed  for comfortable and easy manipulation. Manufacturing of riflescopes BEATER II used new materials to store the reticle. These components are made of brass.


Dimensions (mm)

A B C E F d D H
241 135  85  55 50 30  30 44 

Image 9

Lens diameter24mm
Viewing angle19-5°
Visual field at 1000 m335-87m
Optical output15,2-5,2mm
Body diameter30mm
Lens finishSMC
Parallax setting100m
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