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Mirage Master Edition v10 Dongle DEA

Work faster and more efficiently with the most advanced professional Stand-Alone application and plug-in for Adobe© Photoshop, Illustrator©, InDesign© or Photoshop Elements©.

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Mirage makes things simple by giving you all the features, tools and settings you need in one well-arranged layout. Just push the print button and start printing in seconds. Enjoy support for all the colour modes you work with, even if there are mixed modes like RGB and CMYK in one document. Save time and paper and enjoy unlimited print length - if Photoshop©, Illustrator©, InDesign© or Photoshop Elements© can handle the file then the Mirage plug-in can print it. The all new "Mirage Standalone" is part of all Mirage versions.The new "Mirage Standalone" allows you to print native PDF files and pictures on a direct way for the first time without needing a hostaplication to be installed. Simply drag PDF, JPEG or TIFF files or folders with mixed content of supported file formats to the new "Mirage Standalone" application program icon without any host application such as Photoshop©, Illustrator©, InDesign© or Photoshop Elements© being required. Print as many differrent images as you want: Now you can print multiple images at the same time, make your settings for each image and Mirage will layout the images to your media for easy cutting or minimal waste of media (at your choice). For image editing or layout works you are using the best tools from Adobe. That is why Mirage concentrates on providing you all the features, tools, and settings that are required for professional print results in an intuitive and simple user interface. Mirage allows you to print to multiple printers at the same time (i.e.: in parallel). The "Mirage Print Queue" offers a great preview for current and queued printjobs and provides the possibility to prioritize, pause or cancel print jobs. You're currently preparing a print job and the settings of this job might be a source of great timesavings for future jobs or being helpful to be used by collegues that are not so well trained yet? Click the "Save Settings / Edit Settings" button. Just name the settings you want to store and that is it. The next time you open the Mirage dialog just select a stored setting set and apply these settings to the current job. You can edit a setting or create a set of settings from scratch. In addition you can store a set of settings as Droplet. "Mirage Droplets" provide you with a tool that offers "hotfolders" functionality but is way easier to setup, administer and handle. You can create a "Mirage Droplet" from any stored setting. Simply store the "Mirage Droplet" to any place you like - the desktop might be a good place. Now you can drag PDF, JPEG & TIFF files or folders (even with mixed content) to your "Mirage Droplet" and the Mirage userinterface will open. All settings that are "connected" to the "Mirage Droplet" are applied. Just PRINT... That's it!
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