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Dan Vojtěch & Lunchmeat in Red Bull MaxSpace

What to do when the corona has adjusted your calendar and you have more time than usual? Ideally, create something interesting that you didn’t have time thanks to commercial procurement. This is exactly what the production of Tomorrow Creative with Dan Vojtěch and Martin Přívratský and the Lunchmeat studio led by Kuba Pešek said. The project is a combination of skateboarding, photography, and video mapping. Red Bull skater Maxim Habanec and his friends took part as riders.

Autor: René Tomaides

Four new lights from LED ROLL series

According to the popularity of our LED ROLL series, we would like to introduce four new lights. Now you can choose from six types, starting with the smallest size 21x21 cm and ending with the largest and most powerful panel 46x121 cm. A technological novelty is an RGB variant with film effects and a radio controller. The main advantages of these lights are flexibility, power and weight. They can be used by both filmmakers and photographers. All new lights are delivered in padded bags, which can hold both the light itself and its most important accessories. We also offer optional softboxes with honeycombs for every light.

Autor: Vítek Šimek

How to choose your photopaper

Do you have inkjet photo printer Canon, Epson or HP at home or in the studio? Would you like to use a premium photo papers, but hinder you their wide offer ("do not know how to choose") or limited chance of have someone to help you with selection of photo paper? We can help you with these problems - do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you. And for initial orientation in the field of inkjet photo papers we have for you the following article. How to choose your photo paper will help you, our 7-minute article.

Autor: Ing. Jan Kaiser, Ph.D.

Flash or LED light?

Article for beginner photographers. The market offers a huge number of LED lights and I am very often asked the following questions: “Shall I get a LED light or a flash?” or “What do you prefer? A continuous light or a flash?” I always try to explain it as clear as possible, but I don’t always succeed. That’s why I thought I could try to put it all together here. I hope I’ll manage to shed some light on this topic because many people clearly struggle with it.

Autor: Jan Novák

5 Tips for Portrait Studio Shooting

It’s time to post something new on our blog. Katka (IG: kacaduch) and I locked ourselves in the studio for a while and then I wrote down a few tips for studio shooting based on my experience. I did almost no retouching to the photos, except for a few cosmetic defects, which I believe you will forgive me. I will be happy if this article serves as inspiration or broadens our readers’ minds. I will appreciate your feedback in the comments.

Autor: Jan Novák

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