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Miloš Štáfek

Hi, my name is Milos and I come from small town of Chomutov in the Czech Republic. It is an industrial area full of coal mines, power stations and factories. It's hilly with nice forests.
I raise two kids , I work and I spend my free time photographing.

I'm up to any challenge, I love sports and obviously, photography. I took my first shot in 1996. I photographed my brother and our friends when skateboarding. I never had a specific theme and it stayed so. Right now, I mostly photograph sports, portraits, acts, reportage and landscapes.

In 2006 I switched to digi body. I love experiments, always seeking for new angles and trying to move forward. Photography is my life, it helps me to relax. When I photograph I thing differently.
I would consider the possibility to travel and photograph more a huge blessing.

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