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Nikita Frolov

My interest to photography began with my sport career in motocross, I was riding everything: starting with BMX and finishing with park-skiing. At the same time I was experimenting with photography and realized that it is much easier to "feel the frame" in action photography when you are a rider yourself. After a while I got a serious back injury and had to forget about professional sports, so I completely dedicated myself to the photography. I was trying all new styles and stories. Just a year later I started my own Project with my friend designer, which received the name "True Nature Family". Later it grows into the team of photographers and cameramens. Now I am traveling all over the world, taking part in major sports events and amazing expeditions, working with popular brands and famous athletes. For all of this I am eternally grateful to my father, he didn't gave me a bunch of camera or lens, but he was always proud of me and kept my dreams up high! Also he was the one who was bringing magazines with unique photographs from every corner of the planet when I was a child. Those pictures made me dream that one day I would see all these places myself, make even more amazing photos and inspire young guys. Thanks to my father now all this became true!