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Edita Bízová - A Story of Five Photographs


We asked Edita Bízová to share her story of five photographs and here she brings you five very playful but also very fine photos that are worth seeing. At the same time, you can read about the process of their creation and their meaning.


Image 1 This photo means a new beginning to me. At the time when I was working on it, I had just come to an end of a very intense period of my life. I moved to a new studio and I wanted to create a photo that would symbolise hope, or more specifically, hope for a new beginning. I used a lot of symbols in the picture – flowers as a symbol of freedom, butterflies as a symbol of the birth of something new. The violet colour fits nicely with the mysterious atmosphere and the idea of something old dying to give birth to something new. The fog is created by dry ice, which I rather like to use for shooting. With this photo I won a lot of international awards, so it has really lived up to the idea of hope for a new beginning I had on my mind when creating it.

Escape to my secret garden 

Image 2 This colourful beauty photo is a part of a series called Escape to My Avant Garden. I wanted to create a series of photos with intensive colours, plenty of flowers, and bold make-up. I played a lot with the colour theory and in this photo, I combined the complementary colours yellow and blue. I also created the head piece around the model’s head myself. The colour effect was achieved in the camera – I put one coloured filter on the supplemental light in order to colour the shadows blue and a second one as a visor hat in front of the model’s face, which casts a blue shadow on her forehead lined with yellow make-up on her eyelids. This photo placed third in the beauty category of the international Eywin Photo Awards, thus becoming the best evaluated photo in the category in the whole of the EU.

Dynamic duo 

Image 3 A portrait of very good friends of mine. I wanted to show how dynamic they are and to create an extraordinary portrait with art quality of light and movement. She is a professional dancer; he works as a bartender at one of the biggest bars at Mallorca where they met. In order to achieve artistic quality of the photo, I used soft light from a large umbrella, highlighted shadows by another light from soft box (140 cm), and finally I pointed a snoot with a red filter at the background to complete the atmosphere. In my photos, I often play with mood and I pay a lot of attention to the choice of colours which is a key element of photography. I chose red for purpose because of its passion, wildness, and what it awakens in us.

Pearl girl 

Image 4 Dívka s perlami je výtvarný portrét, který jsme vytvořily během natáčení reportáže televize u mě v ateliéru. Terezku už jsem fotila několikrát a vždy jsem z výsledku unešená. Je to baletka, dřív dělala krasobruslení, takže dokáže dobře interpretovat pózy a má krásně jemné pohyby. Tentorkár jsem chtěla vytvořit portrét dívky, která pomalu dospívá a stává se z ní velká slečna. Perly ve vlasech i na krku symbolizují stále dětskou nevinnost. Póza rukou určitou rezervovanost, vůči okolnímu světu. Barvy jsme volily pastelové, právě díky té nevinnosti, kterou mají zobrazovat.

Spring beauty 

Image 5  A girl with pearls is an artistic project that we created while shooting a TV report at my studio. I’ve shot Terezka several times and I am always impressed by the result. She is a ballerina and she used to do figure skating, so she knows how to interpret poses and her movements are gentle and beautiful. This time I wanted to create a portrait of a girl who is slowly growing up and becoming a lady. The pearls in her hair and around her neck symbolise childhood innocence she still retains. The hands pose is a symbol of a reserved approach towards the outside world. We decided for pastel colours because they also make an impression of innocence.

About the author 

Image 6

I am a professional photographer and mentor. I specialise in fine art portrait and beauty photography.

My photos are internationally awarded and appear in fashion magazines all around the world. The visual aesthetics of my photographs is characterized by the combination of female fragility and strength. My beauty clients are jewellery and cosmetics manufacturers and I cooperate with fashion designers and magazines.

I have gathered an ever-growing community of photographers around me for whom I organise photographic events and courses. For my portrait clients I offer a full experience. It is as if they were photographed for the cover of a magazine: professional makeup, hair styling, and beautiful hired dress.

My studio base is in Pardubice but I also work abroad (Valencia, Vienna, Milan). 

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