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Filters Marumi - Solid EXUS

From the photo accessories world, we have new filters for lenses. This is the most durable filters from Marumi that are possible to buy on the market. They stand out for their hardness and light transmittance.

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Basic information:

Filters from EXUS Solid series are currently the best from Marumi. Filters are resistant to dust and liquids, extreme hardness - up to 7 times higher than the standard filters and also has a higher light transmittance - 0.2% reflectivity. Sizes from 37 mm to 82 mm.


  • anti-static surface finish
  • surface resistance against liquids "water and oil repellent" 
  • ultra-slim frame with a matte surface
  • blackened outer periphery of the lens to minimise reflections

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Perfect for extreme sports, outdoor activities or taking pictures of wildlife.

Practical demonstration of the benefits are in the video below.