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How to clean your binoculars


Every binocular is a complex optical device and requires a specific kind of treatment. It's important to be careful not only when you're choosing a binocular, but also with its handling and maintenance. And that's why we've prepared a guide about how to clean binoculars and riflescopes.    

To maintain the lifespan of your optical products, keep the binocular and riflescope lenses clean - but not all cleaning techniques are the right ones. Here you have a simple "how to do it" instructions:

a) It is not stated in the technical specifications that the product is waterproof - protect it against rain and water. If the water had penetrated the optics, leave the cleaning to a professional service.
b) Keep binoculars in a case or a bag, when you're not using it. This way you'll protect it against dust and other dirt.
c) The bag and case should be kept clean and dry.
d) Leave the optical adjustment to a professional service.
e) For cleaning, you should use only products that are specifically designed for this purpose. The binocular's optics are provided with a special anti-reflective layer, so using the wrong cleaning products could damage it and cause a loss of the optical properties.

Dry cleaning:

The first and in most cases the only step is dry cleaning. To clean an unintentional fingerprint or just polish the optics use a special FOMEI Microfiber Cleaning Cloth or MARUMI. The essential tool for cleaning coarse dirt is a fine brush - a suitable option, which can carefully remove  coarse dirt.

The cleaning blower will provide a contactless cleaning of, for example, dust particles from your optics. The end of the blow tube is provided with an elastic silicone protector that prevents accidental damage to the surface of optics.

Image 5 Image 2 Image 8

Attention! Even if you'll use a quality microfiber cleaning cloth to clean coarse dirt, like sand or forest dirt, it could damage the anti-reflective layer.


Image 1

Wet cleaning:

Do not use any petrol, thinners or dissolving agents. Use a special cleaning solution which is included in a FOMEI or MARUMI cleaning set. By using unsuitable cleaning solution you are risking damaging the anti-reflective layer or even the water tightness of the binocular.


Grease removal:

To remove grease we need to use a cleaning solution with a cotton bud - apply the cleaning solution on the cotton bud and try to wipe off the grease. It is necessary to properly dissolve the grease and often change cotton buds to avoid scratching the lens with a dust particle. After cleaning let the cleaning solution evaporate properly and wipe the reminders off with a dry cotton bud, or with a microfiber cloth.

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