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January news from studio equipment 💡


The beginning of the year brings two new products to our offer. Both lights are equipped with LED chips, one with classic daylight, the other even RGB. Another common element is the control - the lights can be controlled wirelessly via the innovative Desal Lite+ app, which is available for both OS and Android. If you are interested in the new products, you can read a summary of their main features and benefits. Our short video presentation is only in Czech.


Compact ring light with built-in diffuser. This is how our RGB novelty could be introduced in one sentence. This light is suitable for applications where small dimensions and soft, face-flattering light are desired. We believe it will appeal to those who need to shine a light on themselves during video calls and the yellow lamp on their desk is no longer sufficient for this purpose. Leaving aside the classic bi-color mode (changing the color temperature from yellow to white), this light can also shine in all colors (ideal for spectacular background lighting) and also has twenty pre-prepared effects that you can use to, for example, break up boredom during regular online meetings. All you need to buy with the light is a stand, or NP-F batteries if you want to shine out of reach of a power socket.


This 2022 innovation is a direct successor to the LED WiFi 100B, which will be replaced by this light when it is sold out. Compared to the previous generation, this new light with Bowens bayonet brings with it one major advantage - a drastic increase in power. Thanks to the change of the chip to the daylight variant and the increase of the chip power to 150W, we are talking about a doubling of power - and that really counts for lights with a bayonet. So you won't have to worry about using even bigger softboxes than before, the light's power will be enough for that. The target group is both photographers who want to try permanent lights instead of flashes, as well as up-and-coming videomakers who need robust hardware for their work at a nice price.

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LED RGB ring light for makeup, video call lighting and more. Maximum output 18W. Compatible with Desal Lite+ app.

3 Year Warranty
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€ 178.76 without VAT
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LED DMX-150B,studio light FOMEI

Continuous 150W LED light with Bowens mount and 5600K colour temperature. Compatible with Desal Lite+ app.

3 Year Warranty
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