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New line of dual flashes TX TTL


Here it is – the new and modernized line of Digitalis Pro TX TTL dual flashes are being launched on the market. And now in two versions – 400 and 600 Ws. The full support of a Fujifilm/Sony cameras alongside the support of Canon/Nikon devices is a major breakthrough.

Fomei Digitalis Pro TX 400/600 TTL

A new generation of lightweight, universal flashes with TTL, HSS, strobo and 20W LED pilot light.

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Who is this flash designed for?

The TX 400/600 TTL line is suitable for everyone, who appreciates a versatility, weight, durability and quality.

Anyone, who is in need of a light for their studio and at the same ti eis strugling with the question of how to power lights during the outdoor shooting will appreciate this flash. To achieve a fully-fledged studio flash you just have to buy a power adapter. The basic package contains a battery, charger and a carrying strap. Changing the battery for an AC adapter is pretty easy.

Image 3

Changing the battery for an AC adapter is pretty easy – just push the button and pull it the battery out.

Another, who is going to appreciate this flash, are sports photographers. There is no need to complicatedly set an output and ideal exposition – the camera can stop it thanks to the combination of a TTL function and TS-5 light trigger. Besides TTL, the support of HSS synchronization could also come in handy – now you can freeze any movement (the maximal supported time is 1/16000, and specific maximal time is determined by the camera shutter).

Image 4

The well-arranged and coloured display shows every important parameter. The rear side has a matte surface and is resistant to dirt and imprints.

Every photogrpaher, who expects uncompromising reliability, quality and high-top custumer support, will appreciate the quality of this line.

Light triggers

If you want to make the most from the usage of the new TX range – the TS-5 light triggers are the best choice.

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Image 6

FY3004 FOMEI TS-5 Canon / FY3005 FOMEI TS-5 Nikon

FY3059 FOMEI TS-5 Fujifilm / FY3058 FOMEI TS-5 Sony 

TS-5 triggers on e-shop


It is possible to use any kind of accessories with TX 400/600 TTL flashes and with a bayonet FOMEI/Bowens.

To achieve the best mobility, we recommend you to use our new patent technology of speed folding FOMEI softboxes Clickbox. It is possible to unfold these softboxes in twenty seconds. They are made of high-quality materials that don’t grow yellow. 

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We can also recommend you our improved stands from the Master series – now at a very pleasant, reduced price.


New stands

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