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A unique modular print software was designed to make the way from image data to photography easier for the user. On a well-arranged screen are intuitive control elements arranged for a most effective process: OPEN > EDIT > PRINT.

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What does modular mean? Everyone can buy any of the software's modules to its basic version and expand their One Print software by their requirements. You don't have to buy expensive software from which you will use just a small part. so it is sparing your wallet. With One Print you will always use 100% of what you need.

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With which printers are One Print compatible? With One Print you can print on any printer which has installed a printer driver in an operational system. But only with DNP printers (and in the future also with EPSON SureLab D700 and D800), you will get the comfort of immediate control without the print driver. The direct control of printer has many advantages - printing of panorama, partial matte, direct control of printing resolution, you don't have to watch the USB port of the printer, etc.

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Even the basic version of the One Print software has a fully functioning module of colour management (CMS) on both - the input and the output. This is the first minilab/event/ ID software in which you can load data with different ICC profiles (sRGB, Adobe RGB, ProPhoto, etc.).

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What can the basic version do?  

  • open jpg, tif(f), bmp, png files with a full-colour support
  • editing of colours such as brightness, contrast, saturation 
  • transferring coloured photos to BW and sepia
  • cut-outs including reversing of cut-outs • FIT-IN / FILL-IN choice
  • white frame 
  • PRINTING on connected printers with the full support of ICC profiles

Download a demo version of ONE PRINT with all its expansions and try it.

What other functions can you  by buying additional modules?

  • opening RAW files
  • automatic adjustments
  • sharpening of photos
  • users frame of any colour and size
  • the possibility to insert decorative
    frames and calendars
  • printing photos with graphics
  • the possibility of choosing the graphics before printing
  • semi-automatic and automatic print with graphics
  • preview of inserted graphics
  • automatic start of sw into the Event mode

  • well-arranged list of orders
  • saving of orders including all editing
  • archiving of orders
  • re-opening of orders
  • reprinting orders 
  • ID photos
  • editing of current sizes and making new ones
  • control of cut-outs by rulers 
  • automatic start of sw into the ID mode

How much does One Print costs?

Image 6 basic version One Print 218 € w/o VAT order No. EX21000
extension PLUS 157 € w/o VAT order No. EX21001
extension EVENT 83 € w/o VAT order No. EX21002
extension ORDERS 66 € w/o VAT order No. EX21003
extension ID 66 € w/o VAT order No. EX21004

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Can the price be any lower? Yes, it can. If you are the owner of an old Odessos Colour software (Dry Minilab, Event Photographer, ID-photo Maker) you have a right to claim a pleasant discount on your purchase of One Print software and its expansions. You can simply apply a discount by returning the USB licence key from your old software to FOMEI. The offer lasts until the end of 2019.

Are you an owner of Dry Minilab? Are you an owner of Event Photographers? Are you an owner of ID-photo Maker?
One Print  130 € w/o VAT One Print  130 € w/o VAT One Print  130 € w/o VAT
expansion PLUS 81 € w/o VAT expansion PLUS 81 € w/o VAT expansion ID 32 € w/o VAT
expansion ORDERS 32 € w/o VAT expansion EVENT 49 € w/o VAT
expansion ID 32 € w/o VAT

If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact us:

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