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What was IWA 2016 like?

IWA Outdoor Classics 2016, the international trade fair, took place in Nuremberg the first weekend in March. FOMEI Company was one of the 1,455 exhibitors and was seen for sure.

This exhibition doesn’t have problems with the number of exhibitors or visitors. An area of 95,500 m2 held almost 1,500 exhibitors and 45,000 people visited it during the four days. If you take into consideration that only people of 18 years of age and older can enter, and you can buy the ticket only if you have a qualification in the photography field, this number is outstanding.

Another interesting thing is that the Czech Republic was second in terms of the number of visitors, right behind Germany, thus you could hear Czech there a lot.

FOMEI presented its products in the 3A hall and had more space than in the previous years. No wonder, FOMEI has plenty of new products so it was necessary to have enough space for them. The FOREMAN 6-24x50 tactical scope got the most attention since the beginning. Visitors appreciated ergonomics of the scope body and also displaying features of the optic construction.

An intended axis, which is made in two versions: THC (cross) / THD (spot), was appreciated for its design and thin center construction of the gunsight. The whole scope is a result of a long-term cooperation primarily with Czech shooters, and it was pleasant the scope drew attention of foreigners who visited the FOMEI booth.

Other FOMEI products didn’t get lost either. FOMEI exports optics products to more than 20 countries already, and not only in EU. Technical quality and service, these are the main attributes which foreign partners, and Czech as well, appreciate.

FOMEI is going to have the same exposition, as in Germany, at the NATURA VIVA fair trade which takes May 18-22nd in Lysá nad Labem. The whole FOMEI team is looking forward to your visit.

Well, what was IWA 2016 like? Busy, interesting, continuously bigger and bigger, and successful for the FOMEI company based on the first feedback. See you next year…