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Specialized ceiling system mounting

Have you bought a ceiling system and do you need help with its mounting? Contact us. We will fix it and set it exactly for your photo/TV/video studio.

What do we offer?

  • project designing and placing the rail ceiling system in accordance with your space
  • transport of a complete ceiling system straight to you
  • rail assembly project based on your demands just for your place
  • drilling of fixed rails
  • setting of movable rails
  • setting of sliders for lights and sliders for cables
  • fixing of power cables and connecting with lights
  • setting of pantographs
  • fixing of lights/flashes on pantographs
  • fixing of accessories on flashes/lights

Photo background fixing assembly

We ensure assembly for fixing the roll for the photo background, either on the wall or to the ceiling. We also set the whole system and introduce you to its servicing.

What do we offer?

  • designing the layout of fixing the background in accordance with your space
  • mounting the hooks on the ceiling and/ or wall
  • unpacking paper rolls
  • mounting the manual or motorized system
  • placing the weight bars (if ordered)
  • setting of remote control (with the motorized version)

Prices based on individual agreement. Please, contact for more information about prices.

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