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µLAB DESKTOP minilab system (2xDS40, 1x DS80)

µLAB DESKTOP minilab system (2xDS40, 1x DS80)

Dye-sublimation minilab FOMEI µLAB TRIO II for small and medium sized businesses, great price/performance ratio.

  • Product code: EX21166
  • Producer: FOMEI
  • Warranty: 2 years
    (Company 1 year)
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€ 6 591.00
€ 5 447.11 without VAT
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:: FOMEI company, one of the leading photographic companies on Czech and Slovakian market, used their experience and under own brand - µLAB introduced minilab µLAB TRIO. Minilab µLAB TRIO became most sold minilab in Czechia and Slovakia right after entering the market in 2011. Major part of this success is definitely range of serevices that µLAB TRIO provides and also very comfortable price. At the moment the FOMEI µLAB TRIO is also available in version II, using cutting edge technology - dye-sublimation printers DNP DS620.

  • High production quality of the photos 
  • Photos from 9x13 to 20x30 cm
  • Great performance/price ratio 
  • Easy to use 
  • Maintenance free operation 

:: Easy to use - the concept of µLAB TRIO is in a way, that work process shold be as effective as possible, while still being easy and comfortable. Work space, dominated by 23“ photography monitor, with a lot of working space, on which you can place photo/film scaner.

:: High investment return - low entry cost of µLAB TRIO minilab ensure great profit for your business. Due to major savings on service costs, energy consumption, water and waste elimination, you will definitely see the difference compared to traditional expensive minilabs.

:: High productivity, great quality - maximum of 400 prints per hour will ensure effectivty of your service even at peak hours and great photo qulity produced by DS printers with resolution of 600 dpi should be enough to satisfy all of your customers.

:: High reliability ensuring serviceability of the minilab - photoservices are one of your quintessential sources of income for your business. Therefore high serviceability of the minilab should be your main priority.

Technical specification of the FOMEI µLAB TRIO II minilab
Printing technology: dye-sublimation printing technology DNP, 2x DS620 (formats 9x13 - 15x23 cm) printers, 1x DS80 (formats 10x20 - 20x30 cm) printer
Print resolution: up to 600x600 dpi
Printing speed: 400 photos of 10x15cm format per hour
Monitor: 23“ monitor NEC, EA series
Flat scaner: flat scaner EPSON (optional)
Film scaner: flat scaner EPSON with option of scanning film originals to A4 format (optional)
Media: DNP Centuria DS 230, 230 g/m2, silver rear finish „DNP Fotolusio“
SW: Odessos Colour Dry Lab - basic and advanced photo editing (brightness, contrast, saturation, color corrections, sharpness, cutting, red eye removal, etc.), Passport photos, Frames, Calendars, Fotosets, Texts, Orders history, Rich personalization settings, CZ localization
Elektrotechnical specifications: while printing max. 900 W, in standby 50 W
Size (width x height x depth): 130 x 65 x 135 cm
Weight: 112 kg

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