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µLAB Eventphoto complete

Product code: EX21543
Producer: FOMEI
Warranty: 24 months (Company 12 months)

Complete set (photoprinter, software, Wi-Fi SD card router) for event photographers, who wants to easily produce photos on various social events.  

µLAB Eventphoto complete / complete equipment (photoprinter, software, Wi-Fi SD card, Wi-Fi router) of event photographer, who wants to easily produce photos on various social events / The set for fast printing right from DSLR. Convenient for weddings, workshops, corporate events,... Set of HW+SW, which enables wireless sending of photos on a printer and immediate printing, including preselected graphics. SD card ensures transfer of photos right from your camera to your PC and printer. Software X-event offers all possibilities of adjustements (brightness, contrast, color adjustmnet,...). On top of that you can find alsou another options - IDphoto, frames, texts, calendars, red-eye removal,... Whole X-event software environment is in a well arranged way, so its operation is very easy and intuitive. Functions, which will be appreciated by photographers, is the possibility of automatic inserting of any graphics (frame, logo,...) into uploaded photo and subsequent automatic print. Set includes: 1x SD card WiFi 1x Wifi receiver 1x sw µX-EVENT 1x DNP printer RX1

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