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0,61 x 30,5m Gudy 832 Fine Art Neschen

Product code: EX50010
Warranty: 6 months (Company 6 months)

Gudy FineArt is a double-sided mounting adhesive for pressure-sensitive (cold) mounting, especially for finest photographs and FineArt reproductions.

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Gudy FineArt is a double-sided mounting adhesive especially suitable for pressure-sensitive cold lamination of fine photographs and FineArt reproductions using a roller laminator.

Acid-free content makes it the best choice for laminating noble art materials, especially heavyweight photo papers, structured art photo papers and other FineArt materials, the properties of which require such a gentle sticker.

The sticker has been certified by P.A.T. (ISO18916), which makes it a material of extraordinary museum quality.

It perfectly meets the demand and expertise of professional photographers, artists oriented in the field of image protection and archiving, collectors, museums, and galleries.


  • structured FineArt papers, heavyweight photo papers and canvases
  • art prints, archival prints, original artworks, artworks reproductions, books and photo albums
  • mounting on solid and high-quality boards for exhibition and museum purposes
  • a wide range of users: photographers, printers, framers, gallerists, restorers, bookbinders
  • for indoor and outdoor use


  • adhesive layer 44 μm
  • extra strong tack (ecological water-based adhesive)
  • suitable for roll mounting (cover paper only on one side)
  • dimensionally stable, resistant to aging
  • acid-free, environmentally friendly
  • ISO 18916 (P.A.T.)
Ref. No. roll width
EX50010 61 cm
EX50010 111,8 cm           


Photography becomes an image - the lamination of photographs is based on the artistic technique of gluing, joining and layering. In photography, we talk about the permanent connection of a printed photographs, an artworks or its reproduction with a solid base using an adhesive layer (mounting adhesives). It can be laminated exclusively on any smooth and solid material. In photography, these are, for example, DIBOND® aluminum plates, popular with professionals mainly for their durability. Furthermore, very hard and lightweight Gatorfoam® boards, ColourMount Fine Mount Boards or Kapa® boards, extended in several variants.

The best possible tool for laminating photos is a roller laminator. The pressure of the rollers, which acts on the substrate from the bottom and from the top on the photo, will ensure top results. The laminated image does not ripple or twist even after many years. Smaller formats can also be laminated by hand using special rollers, even at home.

Photographs or other works laminated on solid substrates can be directly exhibited or further worked on, for example framed in an aluminum or wooden frame. If a photo printer wants to move the level of its work beyond normal processing, lamination is the way to top results.
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FOMEI záruka – 6 měsíců

Média, která si koupíte, jsou u nás uskladněna na klimatizovaném místě, tedy v prostředí s předepsanou teplotou a relativní vlhkostí. Tím je zamezena jejich degradace. Proto i v případě delšího uskladnění od výroby po expedici dostáváte vždy čerstvá média. Díky tomu vám celých 6 měsíců garantujeme bezvadnou kvalitu médií s konzistentní barevností vašich výtisků.

Zacházení s médii pro inkoustové a termosublimační tiskárny
skladovací podmínky (orig. obal) 10-20°C, 40-60% RH bez kondenzace
pracovní prostředí 15-25°C, 30-70% RH bez kondenzace
nejlepší tiskové podmínky 19-23°C, 40-60% RH bez kondenzace
Při manipulaci s nepotištěným médiem používejte jemné rukavice.