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13x18/200 FOMEI Collection Baryta MONO 290

Product code: EY5890
Producer: FOMEI
Warranty: 6 months (Company 6 months)

True barite paper for long lasting reproductions, especially for art and wedding photo. Printer compatibility: Canon, Epson, HP.

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FOMEI Collection Baryta MONO 290 is a true baryta paper for long lasting reproductions, extra sharpness & dynamic range, 290 g/m2.

It is favorite paper for

  • black and white reproductions
  • art and wedding photography

Country of origin: Switzerland.

Printer compatibility: Canon, Epson, HP.
Availability: sheets, rolls.
ICC profiles and guides: HERE.

FOMEI Collection Baryta MONO 290 is our best-selling baryta paper. Probably because of all the offered baryta papers, this one simulates classic baryta paper, which is known from the darkroom, most faithfully. It also boasts with ISO certification for long time stability (ISO 9706). We are happy that we can offer you this kind of paper.

Social document, retro photography, reproduction of historical photographies - these are the genres that are portrayed by FOMEI Collection Baryta MONO 290 most convincingly. When you show these black and white photos to your collegues, let them fumble around for a while. And to those one, who take a guess, that these photos are reproductions of darkroom, do not expose them the truth :-).

FOMEI Collection Baryta MONO 290 paper was chosen by the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic for the production of photographic almanac - glossed collection of photographs, which are meant to be archived, to create a "record" of nowadays, which will be reliabley readable for our descendants.

FOMEI inkjet media overview - availability list HERE

Part for professionals :: ABOUT ICC PROFILES ::

Are you unsatisfied with the color accuracy or neutrality of BW photography? Our company owns state-of-the-art measuring devices and algorithms for ICC profiles generating. It means that FOMEI serves to both professionals and hobbyists custom calibration/profilation whatever compatible medium-printer pair. Thanks to measuring of interaction between paper and printer, “color vision” of this pair becomes known and ICC profile is generated. This ICC profile describes relationship between paper and printer precisely and makes corrections to the natural nonlinearities of color reproduction. Nonlinearities that are not compensable via sliders in the printer driver. Finally, ICC profile is added to the reproduction chain into application that support output color management (Adobe Photoshop, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, mirage…). Or the ICC profile is associated to printer right in operating system and then printing utility of OS could be used: Print Wizard on Windows, Preview on MAC OS. This process results into color accuracy of the printed photos. You can find generic ICC profiles of FOMEI Collection, FomeiJet and SIHL MASTERCLASS HERE. Library of ICC profiles is still growing and therefore many of you will have possibility to choose between generic (basic) and custom (high quality) ICC profile.

:: ICC profilation price list ::

Generic ICC profile :: free of charge HERE
• measured on the other printer machine
• better than nothing :-o, but FOMEI is not responsible for color accuracy with application of generic profile

Custom ICC profile that becomes your property :: 36 € w/o VAT
• ICC profile is generated on the base of the test chart measuring that is printed on your machine
• FOMEI is responsible for the ICC profile quality (payment after your confirmation of the satisfaction)
• post-corrections of the ICC profile included (maybe you prefer warmer BW than standard etc.)

Custom ICC profile that FOMEI adds to the open ICC profiles library :: 7 € w/o VAT
• you obtain custom ICC profile measured on your printer per extra low price and FOMEI is responsible for quality
• FOMEI adds ICC profile to the library; hence, this ICC becomes generic for other users
• you can get custom ICC profile for 7 € w/o VAT, if the generic profile is not available

Your calibration orders and inquiries please send to  

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