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13x18/5 FOMEI Baryta MONO 290, trial pack

Product code: EY4085
Warranty: 6 months (Company 6 months)

True barite paper for long lasting BW reproductions, extra sharpness and dynamic range. Compatible printers: Canon, EPSON and HP.  

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Baryta MONO 290

  • true baryta paper for Canon, EPSON and HP inkjet photo printers
  • 5 sheets 13 x 18 

Baryta MONO 290 features

  • true baryta paper 290 g/m2
  • extra sharpness & dynamic range
  • ISO 9706
  • country of origin: Switzerland
  • printer compatibility: Canon, EPSON, HP  
  • availability: sheets and rolls
  • ICC profiles and guides: HERE

Barite like from a dark room

Baryta MONO 290 is true barite paper 290 g/m2 suitable for black and white photographyi. However, it is also excellent in color reproduction. His popularity for b / w photography in the tactile and visual similarity of this "digital" barite with his "analog" predecessor. This paper is characterized by high sharpness and dynamics and attracts satin with a medium vein surface.

Baryta MONO 290 is our best-selling barite paper. Probably because of all the offered barite papers, this one simulates classic barite paper, which is known from the darkroom, most faithfully. It also boasts with ISO certification for long time stability (ISO 9706). Social document, retro photography, reproduction of historical photographies - these are the genres that are portrayed by Baryta MONO 290 most convincingly. When you show these black and white photos to your collegues, let them fumble around for a while. 

Available formats

A4                      |        5           sheets (trial pack)
A4                      |        25         sheets
A4                      |        50         sheets
10x15                |        50         sheets
13x18                |          5         sheets (trial pack)
13x18                |        50         sheets
13x18                |        200       sheets
A3                      |        50         sheets
A3+                    |        50         sheets
A2                      |        20         sheets
A2+                    |        20         sheets
43.2      cm        |        12.5      meters
61.0      cm        |        12.5      meters
111.8    cm        |        12.5      meters


guides and ICC profiles HERE

list of recommended printers

FOMEI ART comprises fine art media dedicated for Canon, EPSON and HP desktop and large format printers. FOMEI ART is the successor of the FOMEI Collection line and you will still find barite, cotton and alpha cellulose papers there.

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FOMEI záruka – 6 měsíců

Média, která si koupíte, jsou u nás uskladněna na klimatizovaném místě, tedy v prostředí s předepsanou teplotou a relativní vlhkostí. Tím je zamezena jejich degradace. Proto i v případě delšího uskladnění od výroby po expedici dostáváte vždy čerstvá média. Díky tomu vám celých 6 měsíců garantujeme bezvadnou kvalitu médií s konzistentní barevností vašich výtisků.

Zacházení s médii pro inkoustové a termosublimační tiskárny
skladovací podmínky (orig. obal) 10-20°C, 40-60% RH bez kondenzace
pracovní prostředí 15-25°C, 30-70% RH bez kondenzace
nejlepší tiskové podmínky 19-23°C, 40-60% RH bez kondenzace
Při manipulaci s nepotištěným médiem používejte jemné rukavice.