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9x13/50 FomeiJet PRO Pearl 265

Product code: EY5217
Producer: FOMEI
Warranty: 6 months (Company 6 months)

Best-selling semi-glossy (pearl) inkjet photo paper from our offer, made in Japan. Printer compatibility: Canon, EPSON, HP.  

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PRO Pearl 265

  • semiglossy (pearl) inkjet photo paper 265 g/m2 for Canon, EPSON, HP inkjet photo printers
  • 50 sheets 9x13

Semiglossy inkjet paper

FomeiJet PRO Pearl 265 is our best-selling inkjet photo paper at all. It is inkjet photo paper of the luster type and is good enough even for highest quality demands. FomeiJet PRO Pearl 265 has medium weight 265 g/m2 and wide printer compatibility. PRO Pearl 265 is open for majority of photographic genres and is most frequently used for family and holiday photos, technical and landscape photography and for architecture. This paper is highly suitable into photo albums and frames.

Together with glossy paper FomeiJet PRO Gloss 265, it is available in really wide range of formats: sheets from 9 x 13 cm to A3+, rolls of width 10.2 till 152.4 cm.

FomeiJet PRO Pearl 265 is our best-selling paper, when owners of large format printers brought it to the first place in popularity. Thanks to availability also in sizes 9 x 13, 10 x 15, 13 x 18 and 15 x 23 cm, FomeiJet PRO Pearl 265 is highly interesting for hobby photographers, too. Owners of dry (inkjet) labs use FOMEILAB Pearl 265 as a substitution of matte paper known from so-called liquid photo-lab era. 

FomeiJet PRO Pearl 265 is suitable for next laminating and mounting. Who is looking for a really TOP medium to be over laminated and mounted, FOMEI Collection Chrome Film 215 II should be his choice.

guides and ICC profiles

list of recommended printers

PRO Pearl 265 features

  • luster inkjet paper 265 g/m2
  • country of origin: Japan
  • compatibility - photoprinters: Canon, EPSON, HP
  • compatibility - inkjet minilabs: EPSON, Fuji, Noritsu
  • availability: sheets and rolls   |   minilab rolls
  • ICC profiles and guides: HERE 
Ref. No Sheets
EY4046 A4          |      5            sheets (trial pack)
EY5250 A4          |      25          sheets
EY5216 A4          |      20 + 5   sheets
EY5253 A4          |      50          sheets
EY5252 A4          |      500        sheets
EY5217 9x13      |      50           sheets
EY5210 10x15    |      20           sheets
EY5211 10x15    |      50           sheets
EY5207 10x15    |      250         sheets
EY5212 13x18    |      25           sheets
EY5214 13x18    |      20 + 5    sheets
EY5254 13x18    |      50           sheets
EY4205 13x18    |      250         sheets
EY4208 A5          |      250        sheets
EY5224 15x23    |      250         sheets
EY5251 A3          |      50           sheets
EY5220 A3+        |      50           sheets
EY5419 30,5       |      30,5        meters
EY5412 43,2       |      30,5        meters
EY5413 61,0       |      30,5        meters
EY5418 91,4       |      30,5        meters
EY5414 111,8     |      30,5        meters
EY5437 127,0     |      30,5        meters
EY5430 152,4     |      30,5        meters


FomeiJet media line, as well as the FineArt media line FOMEI Collection, has been added to our portfolio in 2014. Although the main lovers of this serie are hobby photographers-printmakers, FomeiJet media are used also by profi laboratories. Exceptional quality and variety of different kinds of media are main FomeiJet benefits.

FomeiJet media line availability list

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FOMEI záruka – 6 měsíců

Média, která si koupíte, jsou u nás uskladněna na klimatizovaném místě, tedy v prostředí s předepsanou teplotou a relativní vlhkostí. Tím je zamezena jejich degradace. Proto i v případě delšího uskladnění od výroby po expedici dostáváte vždy čerstvá média. Díky tomu vám celých 6 měsíců garantujeme bezvadnou kvalitu médií s konzistentní barevností vašich výtisků.

Zacházení s médii pro inkoustové a termosublimační tiskárny
skladovací podmínky (orig. obal) 10-20°C, 40-60% RH bez kondenzace
pracovní prostředí 15-25°C, 30-70% RH bez kondenzace
nejlepší tiskové podmínky 19-23°C, 40-60% RH bez kondenzace
Při manipulaci s nepotištěným médiem používejte jemné rukavice.