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A3+/20 PICTORICO Premium OHP Transparency Film 174

Pictorico's OHP Transparency Film delivers crisp, easy-to-read text, brilliant, non-smear colors, and water-resistant images. Great medium for making "digital" negatives for contact printing.

  • Product code: EY4251
  • Producer: Fomei
  • Warranty: 6 months
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PICTORICO Premium OHP Transparency Film 174 is clear polyester film, which is used for making negatives (contacts) from digital data as the basis of historical photographic techniques. Its second application is found in pre-press form to produce separation films.

PICTORICO Premium OHP Transparency Film 174 is the best transparent film used for printing in ink printers. That kind of softness of drawing (transfer of details) and blackening density  (Dmax) does not have any other transparent film on current world market.

Country of origin: Japan.
Printer compatibility: Canon, EPSON, HP (dye-based, pigment).
Availability: sheets.

You can easily tell which side of this transparent film is printeable. One corner of every sheet is truncated. If you rotate the sheet of paper so that the truncated corner is the top right, you are looking at the print side.

PICTORICO Premium OHP Transparency Film 174 has a unique coating for inkjet photoprinters. It offers high desity of blackening and sharpness of drawing. It is designed for the reproduction of photographic works (contacts) and separation films in pre-press preparation. It is dimenssionaly stable, water-ressistant and antistatic. Thanks to that it meets all the requirements for separation films.

Message for the owners of photoprinters with pigment inks: On PICTORICO Premium OHP Transparency Film 174 print with matte black configuration (Matte K, MK), therefore you get the coveted density of black (higher dynamics). This film can surprises you also with dye-based inks (where the concern about choice of black falls off).

BW and coloured print 

On transparent PICTORICO Premium OHP film it is possible to print in both ways - BW and coloured pictures. FOMEI offers customer calibration of transparent medias. Calibration "to pass" can handle only small amout of devices and thanks to that you can find lots of recommendations, which results to absence of proper solution. Thanks to FOMEI support you can forgot compromises.

Part for professionals :: ABOUT ICC PROFILES ::

Are you unsatisfied with the color accuracy or neutrality of BW photography? Our company owns state-of-the-art measuring devices and algorithms for ICC profiles generating. It means that FOMEI serves to both professionals and hobbyists custom calibration/profilation whatever compatible medium-printer pair. Thanks to measuring of interaction between paper and printer, “color vision” of this pair becomes known and ICC profile is generated. This ICC profile describes relationship between paper and printer precisely and makes corrections to the natural nonlinearities of color reproduction. Nonlinearities that are not compensable via sliders in the printer driver. Finally, ICC profile is added to the reproduction chain into application that support output color management (Adobe Photoshop, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, mirage…) Or the ICC profile is associated to printer right in operating system and then printing utility of OS could be used: Print Wizard on Windows, Preview on MAC OS. This process results into color accuracy of the printed photos. Relative to the focus of FOMEI company, generic ICC profiles are not produced a priori for all existing photo-printers on today market. But library of ICC profiles of FOMEI Collection and FomeiJet medias is still growing and therefore many of you will have possibility to choose between generic (basic) and custom (high quality) ICC profile.

:: ICC profilation price list ::

Generic ICC profile :: free of charge
· measured on the other printer machine
· better than nothing, but FOMEI is not responsible for color accurancy with application of generic profile

Custom ICC profile that becomes your property :: 36 € w/o VAT
· ICC profile is generated on the base of the test chart measuring that is printed on your machine
· FOMEI is responsible for the ICC profile quality (payment after your confirmation of the satisfaction)
· post-corrections of the ICC profile included (maybe you prefer warmer BW than standard etc.)

Custom ICC profile that FOMEI adds to the open ICC profiles library :: 7 € w/o VAT
· you obtain custom ICC profile measured on your printer per extra low price and FOMEI is responsible for quality
· FOMEI adds ICC profile to the library; hence, this become generic for other users
· a condition of obtaining customer ICC profile for 7 € w/o VAT is the absence of a generic profile 

Your calibration orders and inquiries please send to

Print technologyinkjet printing
Compatibilityinkjet photoprinters Canon, EPSON, HP
Media typepolyester
FormatA3+ (329x483 mm)
Number of sheets20
Media surfaceglossy
Media texturesmooth
Media grammage174 g/m2
Media thickness0,145 mm
Intended forhobby & profi
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