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Basic Hobby Flash 200/200 web studio

Product code: FY4441
Producer: Terronic
Warranty: 24 months (Company 24 months)

Basic flash photostudio for taking product pictures. Dimensions of the white desk are 60 x 130 cm.

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What exactly this kit contains can be found in the "Kit includes" tab. 

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If you need to take pictures of small products quickly and easily for your e-shop, this set will provide everything you need. Thanks to the high flash power, you can use a higher apertures, faster shutter speeds and low ISOs. This makes the entire product photo sharp and illuminated as needed. The diffusion table offers an endless background that you can illuminate with the product using two flashes with diffusers. This set is perfect for simple photos of smaller products (shoes, phone accessories, etc.) for your e-shop.


Terronic Basic flashheads were developed in best price/quality ratio. This is not recommended product for professional usage, but this is completely suitable for realizing all ideas you have. 


If you accidentally touch the flash tube, you will not get hurt and at the same time, you will not damage it. When the light falls or the impact, the cap protects the tube and bulb.  


Another significant change is the reinforced locking joint, which we've improved for you to put more resistance to the tilt of the flash while keeping heavy accessories. However, we have retained the ease of manipulating with the flash.


Even the electrical components of the flash have changed. Time goes forward and requires a modern electronic solution that we have done in this product line.


The package contains everything you need for building your own home photostudio. Two Terronic Basic - 400 Ws flash heads, two reflectors 16,5 cm, two stands, one studio umbrella 85 cm, one 60x60 cm softbox and transportation bag.

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  • The Terronic Basic P 400 is suitable for beginning photographers who do not use the technique for demanding day-to-day photography but want to take a picture of the product or portrait once in a while. The use of lights is limited only by your imagination. From practice, the set is particularly suited to the beginnings of portrait photography, product photography and similar styles.

  • The flashes are powered by a power cable and include a 150W halogen pilot light bulb, which indicates shadows and glare before using a strong flash, so you do not have to do many test photos to properly set the lights, but you just need to illuminate the subject with the pilot light bulb and you know that some light needs to be built or directed differently.

  • The assembly contains the base of each studio and is thus a reflector, in this case a diameter of 16.5 cm. For example, if we direct it up into a white ceiling, we get an enlightened room and an object inside. This reflector gives us a strong light while allowing us to use an umbrella that can be used in two ways. The first is the flash through the umbrella, which softens the light as a soft fabric in the softbox. The second way is a reflection from the umbrella when the light becomes softer and more spread out in space, but at the cost of a greater loss of light.

  • The Softbox also has many uses. It contains two diffusive fabric, which taking down real light output but forming smoother transitions of shadows and glare. With gradual removal of diffusion materials, we get harder light and shadow, and an empty softbox without substances works like a large reflector.

Basic - 400 Flash power
f-stop  Ws  Power
6,0 400 1/1
5,0 200 1/2
4,0 100 1/4
3,0 50 1/8
2,0 25 1/16

Amount Product Description
1 FY4253 BASIC 200P, studio flash kit TERRONIC
1 FY7696 Diffusion Plate 60 x 130 cm/PETG Gr.Fr.opal 30/3mm
1 FY7396 TR-4 DB, radio receiver (battery version)
1 FY7629 Mini Table - 2, metal construction only
1 FY7398 TR-4 DBA, radio transmitter
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  • We stand behind the quality of our products, so we offer an extended two-year warranty (24 months) for this product from the date of purchase, instead of the standard one-year warranty. Our guarantee is fully valid for end customers and also for entrepreneurs who buy on their Company ID.
  • Possible defects are solved directly in our headquarters in Hradec Králové, where we operate a fully equipped professional electric service facility, with a team of trained technicians.
  • We have a big stock of spare parts in our technical center, so repairs are fast without any delay. We understand the situation of professionals for whom photographic equipment is the main source of income, so we offer the possibility of renting an equivalent replacement of the product for the whole service period for warranty repairs.


  • Our products do not end their lives on the day the warranty expires. Thanks to the quality of the parts and the stability of the suppliers, our flashes are reparable more than 10 years from the date of sale. Most of the faults are solved by repairing the part, not by simply replacing it. We solve both electronic defects and physical damage.
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