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NEST NT-777, video tripod

NEST NT-777 is a video tripod suitable for DV and HDV cameras or DSLR cameras with complete accessories. Ideal accessory for high magnification binoculars and telescopes.

€ 199.60
€ 164.96 without VAT
FY9666 In stock

MM-1006, monopod FOMEI

Monopod with a head and a removable plate.

€ 19.60
€ 16.20 without VAT
FY7159 In stock

FOMEI Profi Strap Universal XL

Universal strap with solid metal carabiner equipped with technology AIRCELL

€ 15.80
€ 13.06 without VAT
FY9942 In stock

CSP-50, Cleaning set PREMIUM FOMEI

Cleaning set for optical parts of lenses, binoculars or camera filters.

€ 10.00
€ 8.26 without VAT
FY8035 In stock

BL-2 (HP), cleaning blower FOMEI

Blow silicone balloon with increased capacity (High Power) of air for cleaning optics, electronics, etc.

€ 5.20
€ 4.30 without VAT
FY8034 In stock

Microfiber Super Cloth 15x18cm, Fomei

Microfiber cleaning cloth suitable for lenses, binoculars or glases.

€ 3.20
€ 2.64 without VAT
FY8037 In stock

FOMEI Profi Strap 1 line

The strap equipped with one row of AirCell pillows. Suitable for cameras and binoculars.

€ 14.80
€ 12.23 without VAT
FY9946 In stock

FOMEI Profi Strap 2 lines

Strap with two lines of AirCell elements. Possibility to use as neck strap or short version as handle.

€ 17.20
€ 14.21 without VAT
FY9945 In stock

Fomei Elastic, a strap for binoculars and cameras

A strap for binoculars and cameras

€ 6.00
€ 4.96 without VAT
FY7913 In stock

Portable Cleaning Kit, Marumi

€ 16.00
€ 13.22 without VAT
FY0991 In stock

Lens Cleaning Kit, Marumi

€ 10.00
€ 8.26 without VAT
FY0998 In stock

Bincase 401 19x6x19cm

The cases are made of a special water-proof fabric that protects the binoculars from the weather effects and the mechanical damage.

€ 10.80
€ 8.93 without VAT
FY1200 In stock