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Desk 330/330/220

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Kit pernament fluorescent lights.

  • Product code: FY9118
  • Producer: Fomei
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Desk 330/330

Kit pernament fluorescent lights.

Product code: FY9119
€ 752.30
€ 621.74 without VAT
In stock
DESK-330H/330W/without tubes

The permanent lights DESK-330H are recommended for using in TV and video studios and also for casting studios. Fluorescent tubes with colour temperature of 3 200 K or 5 500 K should be put in the lights. These lights are sold without tubes.

Product code: FY7876
€ 290.60
€ 240.17 without VAT
In stock
Desk - 330HRC, fluorescent light 330 W with honneycomb

Fluorescent Light with Dimmer and remote controler (RF 4 channels)

Product code: FY9160
€ 387.00
€ 319.83 without VAT
In stock
Desk 330/330/330

Kit pernament fluorescent lights.

Product code: FY9117
€ 1 130.60
€ 934.38 without VAT
In stock

Kit pernament fluorescent lights will give you soft light of day colour temerature.

It¨s good for photo shooting and also for filming.

Kit includes:

16 x FY7478 Osram Dulux L 55W/5500 K 
2 x FY7876 Desk-330 H 
1 x FY7877 Desk-330 H 
3 x FY7313 stand LS-10A

Output220 + 2x 330W
Gradual regulationNE
Amount Product Description
3 FY7353 LS-260A, stojan, max.260 cm, 3 section, Terronic
2 FY7876 DESK-330H/330W/without tubes
1 FY7877 DESK-220H/220W/without lights
16 FY7478 OSRAM Dulux L 55W/954/5500K for DESK-330,220
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