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Digital Pro X - 500 B, studio flash, 500 Ws/650 W

5 years

New Hi-tech line of studio flashes controls studio flashes by software on PC, Mac or Frecon and on LCD back side of flash head. Boom light version is divided to controller and flash unit.

  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Product code: FY9140
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€ 831.70
€ 687.36 without VAT
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You can control 1-50 studio flash heads from one place with this.


It can be controlled with PC or Mac software, remote control or manually on the device LCD panel on the back side. This most modern studio flash head technology is based on wireless transfer (2.4GHz) up to 100m distance. 

You will need USB radio antenna + software both not included in set

Transmitter (FY3447) / receiver (FY3446) is not included in the price.

Phones and tablets

The whole system consists of studio flash heads, cordless controller, wireless receiver and other items such as:

You will need  router (FY3027) and wifi converter (FY3448)  both not included in set
iPhone (sw. download) 
iPad (sw. download)
Android tablet (sw. download) 
Android smartphone (sw. download)

Transmitter (FY3447) / receiver (FY3446) is not included in the price.

System Pro X is compatible with:

Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 3.2.6 Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, 3.2.7 Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 3.2.8 Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion 

Double Picture

new unique function of Digital Pro X flash heads - fast masking of a captured person/product to other photobackground - transmitter triggers back flashes on channel B first and front flashes on channel A immediately after - you get 2 snapshots, when the first one is a silhouette and the second one is illuminated from the front - in mask editing in Photoshop you merge these snapshots and then add them to another background



Flash tube power adjustment: 7 f-stop/70 possible settings each 0.1 power/ 1/1-1/128 power

Pilot lamp adjustment: 7 f-stop/70 possible settings each 0.1 power/ 1/1-1/128 power

Pilot lamp and flash tube proportional power adjustment 7 f-stop/70 possible settings each 0.1 power / 1/1-1/128 power

2 functions of pilot lamp during the flash: Continual ON/OFF, pilot lamp is lit during the flash/pilot lamp turns off during the flash

Quick power switch: full power, lowest power, last used power settings

Flash counter: you can always check the number of flash tube flashes/tube flash lifetime

ACS System: LCD display shows power in f-stop numbers in the same way as flash meter. It is possible to automatically change the f-stop number according to when the power is adjusted, based on the distance.

Smart fan: Fan cools down electronics, flash tube and pilot lamp. The flash head body temperature is shown on LCD display. When the flash head body temperature reaches 65°C in extreme conditions, there is a warning sound and warning message is shown on LCD display. All flash head functions are turned off and the fan begins to cool down the temperature.

Flash tube and pilot lamp protective glass cover: Protection when you change accessories, provides the longer flash tube and the pilot lamp life time.

Flash trigger system:- IR sensor + Flash charge LED diode - transmitter 2.4GHz, range up to 100m - cordless triggering with FY7859 receiver + FY7829 transmitter (16 channels/2.4GHz)

Control Digital Pro X with PC or Mac application: 5 channels - 10 groups/1-50 studio flash heads

Changing the mounting system: You can mount the flash head on stands or ceiling system, so LCD display is always visible

Japanese capacitors: Japanese capacitors are used for longer flash head lifetime. It also ensures precise charging and discharging of the flash.

Bayonet for mounting accessories Fomei/Bowens

Digital Pro X 500 Flash Power
Power f-stop Power Ws Power
8,1 500 1/1
7,1 250 1/2
6,1 125 1/4
5,1 62,5 1/8
4,1 31,2 1/16
3,1 15,6 1/32
2,1 7,8 1/64
1,1 3,9 1/128

Flash output500-3,9Ws
Flash charging0,1-1,1s
Flash duration1/2000s
Chromaticity of flash5500K
Pilot bulb output650W
Chromaticity of pilot bulb3200K
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