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Digitalis Pro S 400, studio flash 400 Ws/300 W

5 years

New generation studio flash with hight visibility display, fan and 300W pilot light bulb.

  • Product code: FY3033
  • Producer: Fomei
  • Warranty: 5 years
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Studio flash head with a high visibility display and fan.

You can set up the flash power and model light power separately or at one by 0,1 or 0,5 steps. Bayonet for accessories is identical with Bowens brand.

Digitalis Pro - S 200  Flash output
F-stop        Ws Performance
6,0 400 1/1
5,0 200 1/2
4,0 100 1/4
3,0 50 1/8
2,0 25 1/16
1,0 12,5 1/24

Another functions and advantages:

1. FND display - You can easily control all the Digitalis PRO function even in the dark.

2. Fan - All Fomei studio flash heads are equipped with a fan for precise cooling of the flash tube, modelling lamp and electronics inside the device. The fan extends the flash head lifetime and all of its components and ensure that you can work with the flash head without overheating.

3. Pyrex glass cover for flash tube and modelling lamp - The clear glass cover guarantees protection and longer lifetime of the flash tube and modelling lamp. The glass cover protects the user from burn injury because of the hot modelling lamp. It also protects the flash tube and modelling lamp when using reflectors and softboxes.

4. Useful handle - Digitalis and Digitalis PPO studio flash heads are equipped with a useful handle for carrying, positioning and manipulating with the flash when mounted on the ceiling system. It is possible to change the handle position when mounted on the ceiling system, so the display is not turned upside down.

5. Precise flash tube and modelling lamp power control - You can easily control the flash tube power and also the modelling lamp power. You control the power in 0.1 or 0,5 f-stop. It is possible to regulate the flash and modelling lamp power separately or proportionally, which is very useful during photographing.

6. Japanese capacitors - There are Japanese capacitors used inside the Fomei flash heads which ensures longer lifetime and precise flash power charging and discharging. High quality capacitors extend the lifetime of the whole device and ensure precise and fast flash charging.

7. 5 years guarantee - We offer 5 years guarantee like a quality proof of our products.

8. Fomei service department - Fomei company, as a partner of professional photographers, provides warranty and also non-warranty service of Fomei studio flash heads in his own service department. Photographers, who use Fomei flash heads, can rely on precise repair services. 

Guide number32,5 (ISO100, Reflektor 16,5cm, 1m)
Flash output400Ws
Pilot bulb300W GX 6,35
Synchro modeManuální
Flash duration1/2300s
Recycling Time0,1 - 1,1s
Synchronization modesNormal/ HSS (pouze s odpalovači TR-X32)
Power control1.0 - 7.0
Color TemperatureBlesk 5500±200K; Pilot 3200K
Triggers compatibilityTR-16 FY7829, FY7859; TR-X32 C FY3480, FY3484, FY3485; TR-X32 N FY3481, FY3482, FY3483; TR-X32 S FY3488, FY3489, FY3490
Power supplyAC - síťové
Active coolerAno
Built-in receiverNe
Synchro socketFomei odpalovače + 6,3mm jack
Dimensions276 x 120 x 255mm
Contents1x studiový blesk, 1x napájecí kabel, 1x synchronizační kabel
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