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Drytac JM26, laminator 66.7cm

Drytac JM26, laminator 66.7cm

Laminator with silicone cylinder (working width 66.7 cm). All-metal body, forward and backward running, automatic or manual starting (pedal).  

  • Product code: EX30003
  • Producer: Drytac
  • Warranty: 2 years
    (Company 1 year)
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Drytac JM26 is a laminator with silicone cylinders and working width 66.7 cm. All-metal build, forward and backwards running, automatic or manual starting (pedal).

HERE you can find the whole set of instruction videos, which will show you all the possibilities of JM26 laminator.

Important videos:

System with a purpose 

The Canadian system Drytac represents a top-class lamination and another finishing system, which makes not only inkjet prints an immortal image memory. Laminating pressure-sensitive foils provide the highly resistant prints, made in modern photo printers, with a significant UV level and mechanic protection.

Foils which enable the realization of a certain artistic purpose and a double-sided adhesive mounting foil are a natural thing. All the lamination foils and mounting stickers which are stated below are applied when cold. By connecting inkjet media (we recommend you FOMEI and Hahnemuehle) and laminating Drytac foils you will get an outcome which stands for both archival and exhibition purposes, just like outdoors graphics. Always an uncompromising quality and resistance.

If you require a wider and more professional laminator - do not hesitate o contact us:

Laminators Drytac JetMounter

Cylindrical Drytac laminator for pressure-sensitive (cold) lamination is suitable for both beginners and professionals, to photo and DTP studios and shops, where they care about creativity and want to offer a full range of services.

The speed of JM26 (80-300 cm/min) enables the use for the most stringent assignments (thanks to the option of low revs). The possibilities of use of JetMounter is wide - not only for the application of the laminating foils (for example Drytac Protac) but also for the installation of the laminated images on substrates (with width up to 1.9 cm) with the help of double-sided adhesive foils (MediaTac/UltraTac/TwinTac).

Drytac JMJ26
  • variable shift speed
  • all-metal body
  • forward and backwards running
  • sensor for safe shutdown
  • control foot pedal
  • including the unwind shaft
  • silicone cylinders
  • wheelbase up to 1.9 cm

Laminating foils and mounting stickers - the essential material for your laminator. Your photos deserve tthe best. You can find a rich selection of laminating foils and mounting Drytac sticker in our offer. So let us summarize the benefits of laminating photo foil:

  • is extremely easy (unlike the protection glass)
  • the dust is not gonna get inbetween the self-adhesive laminating foil and the pictur (but it does under the glass)
  • increased abrasion resistance and absolute water resistane
  • high UV protection level (against picture fading)

Mounting benefits (installation on the board with the help of double-sided mounting stickers):

  • thanks to the installation on the board - the picture stays even for years (it does not wave / warp)
  • laminator JM26 can mount pictures on a substrate (with width up to 19 mm)

Starter media - recommendation:

Warranty: 12 months. Service: FOMEI s.r.o.

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