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FOMEI 20-60x80 FOREMAN ED (A), Spotting Scope

Product code: OY2730
Producer: FOMEI
Warranty: 60 months (Company 60 months)

Powerful optics equipped with ED glassDual focusing, anglular eyepiece, filled with dry nitrogen. Extra bright lens, exceptional edge sharpness and image resolution.

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Spotting Scopes FOMEI FOREMAN® are equipped with ED lenses with minimal lighting dispersion. Large lens and extra  throughput prisms brings bright and contrast images and excellent viewing comfort.

Model 20-60x80 FOREMAN ED (A) "angled" is equipped with an angular eyepiece. Its advantage for the observer lies in scope attaching. In this case it is possible to use a relatively low tripod or stand or in extreme cases is possible to place the Spotting Scope on the table. The best application will find the variant with angular eyepiece in ornithology. Thanks to the angled prism the observer has more comfortable possition for example for bird watching.

The main advantage of this series lies in the antireflective SMC layers with high light transmission. The combination of a large lens, SMC layers and ED glass components ensures the FOREMAN binoculars have outstanding viewing capabilities. The resolution of optical system ensures accurate observing over long distances.

The FOREMAN Spotting Scopes also includes function dual focusing. The main advantage lies in the combination of fast sharpening and slower - fine sharpening. This is an invaluable tool especially for long-range observations where precise focus is needed. Demanding observer will appreciate the high edge sharpness and resolution of the optical system in ornithology, hunting or shooting range.

Waterproof body filled with dry nitrogen allows spotting scopes to be used in any weather. The binoculars are delivered in a protective case.

DSLR (SLR) camera can be attached to the 20-60x80 FOREMAN ED by camera adapter and the reduction T2 (Canon, Nikon, etc.).

Available variants and models:
* (A) Angular Eyepiece Model
* (S) model with Straight eyepiece


In the objective design, glass with Extra-low Dispersion is advantageously utilised. Upon passage of light through any material, it is refracted at an angle proportional to the properties of the optical material (index of refraction). Due to the fact that the index of refraction of the material is different for individual wavelengths of the impacting radiation,
white light is split into the spectrum upon passage through the material. The white image is therefore split into a set of colourful images, which have a different size and focusing position. It is therefore impossible to focus an image ideally without a colourful - rainbow rim, which then has a crucial effect on the luminosity and edge sharpness of the objective. When using ED glass, the colour defects are minimised and a nearly ideal image is achieved. These unique properties are utilised by the FOMEI LEADER PRO ED binoculars.

Lens diameter80mm
Viewing angle1,1-2,1°
Visual field at 1000 m20-36m
Minimum focusing distance5,5-6,0m
Prism glassBaK4
Lens finishSMC
Tripod threadano/áno/yes/ja
I have a question about the product FOMEI 20-60x80 FOREMAN ED (A), Spotting Scope

The binocular FOMEI FOREMAN and LEADER PRO ED are under warranty for 5 years.

Each binocular FOMEI undergoes by individual output control and adjustment at a special workplace in Hradec Králové. This guarantees the functionality and quality of the supplied optical devices.

The Service department also performs warranty and after-warranty service of FOMEI optics which is provided for the whole lifetime of the device. The FOMEI service is also equipped with technology for refilling with inert gas.

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