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FOMEI 23-70x70 LEADER (S), Spotting scope

Product code: OY2727
Producer: FOMEI
Warranty: 60 months (Company 60 months)

The telescopes is equiped with zoom lens 23-70x and straight ocular, suitable for ornithology, sport shooting or observing the open-air. Waterproof, dustproof, resistant to fogging. Rubberized body, coating SMC prism Bak4.

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Basic description

Spotting scope Fomei 23-70x70 LEADER (S) is equiped with ZOOM optics, straight occular and filled with dry nitrogen. Telescope is Waterproof, dustproof and resistant to fogging.

Model 23-70x70 LEADER (S) "straight" is equipped with a direct eyepiece. Its advantage can be seen mainly on shooting ranges or when watching sports matches. The observer ideally maintains horizontal contact with the object. In this case, it is necessary to use a stable tripod.

Equipment and parameters

Rubberized body is protected by case which can be used on the telescope during the observations. Optical glass with antireflex coating SMC and Bak4 prisms guarantee excellent image quality for ornithology, sport shooting or observing the open-air. Thanks to a max. magnification of 70x and a large diameter of the lens input it is possible to observe very distant objects and also the night sky. The 23-70x70 LEADER is ideal for shooting range with a maximum shooting length of 200-300m.

Optional accessories

The body is equipped with a standard tripod mount and can be clamped to a common photo / video tripod. As an option you can buy photo-Adapter for SLR Nikon, Canon or Sony. The outer diameter of the ocular / rubber eyepiece is 43.0 mm.

FY9666 .. NEST-NT 777 tripod
FY7176 .. FOMEI Alumin PRO 3000
OY9010 .. FOMEI adapter for DSLR CANON
OY9011 .. FOMEI adapter for DSLR NIKON

Telescope is delivered without tripod.

Lens diameter70mm
Viewing angle2 - 0.8°
Visual field at 1000 m3.5 - 1.5m
Minimum focusing distance6,5-7,0m
Relative lens speed9,3-1
Optical output1,0-3,0mm
Prism glassBaK4
Lens finishSMC
Tripod threadyes
I have a question about the product FOMEI 23-70x70 LEADER (S), Spotting scope

The binocular FOMEI FOREMAN and LEADER PRO ED are under warranty for 5 years.

Each binocular FOMEI undergoes by individual output control and adjustment at a special workplace in Hradec Králové. This guarantees the functionality and quality of the supplied optical devices.

The Service department also performs warranty and after-warranty service of FOMEI optics which is provided for the whole lifetime of the device. The FOMEI service is also equipped with technology for refilling with inert gas.

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