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Fomei 3D automatic panoramic head - 360H1A, DUAL set

New generation of automatic 3D head. Unique technology allows using this device as a panoramic head, which rotates the camera in all directions.

  • Product code: FY3412
  • Producer: Fomei
  • Warranty: 2 years
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A new generation of the automatic 3D head.

Unique technology allows using this device as a panoramic head, which rotates the camera in all directions. The 3D head is made in The Czech Republic which ensures high quality.


3D photos of items scene panorama room panorama (hotels, stores, galleries) Comfortable and sophisticated control with smartphone and tablet touchscreen or computer. Possible scripts (preset shooting scenarios). The user controls a single device via Wi-Fi, each other axis is synchronised automatically between the Fomei 3D heads, which communicate via Bluetooth protocol. The device construction is axisymmetric and allows using the camera controlling on the rotary part (panoramic photography) or on the static part (3D/360°product photography). A wide variety of robotic and mechanic axis combinations.


The tripod plate is used for tripod (not included) mounting, it is screwed on the tripod head. Then, you can easily slide the 3D head to the tripod plate and lock it with the safety pin. Double arm can be then attached on the 3D head. Double arm is used for mounting the second 3D head. Simple arm, which is used for used for camera and other accessories mounting, is then attached to the second 3D head.

Setting up the 3D head:

Press and hold the Power button, the 3D head turns on. The green LED diode (Wi-Fi) starts blinking and blue LED diode (Bluetooth) lights up. 3D head creates its own Wi-Fi network which you connect to with your device - smartphone or tablet.

CANapp application:

3D head is controlled with the software made for smartphones (iOS, Android) and tablets (iOS, Android). With this software, you can set wide variety of photography shooting scripts (number of rotations, rotation speed, rotation angle, number of photos and more). Both heads communicate via Bluetooth technology. The first 3D head is marked as “Master“ and the second one is “Slave“. The second 3D head (Slave) is controlled via the first 3D head.

• CANapp application for iPhone a iPad (iOS) can be downloaded HERE
• CANapp application for Android can be downloaded HERE

Power supply and battery charging:

3D head is powered with twelve rechargeable AAA batteries with capacity of 900 mAh. MicroUSB cable is used to charge the batteries. MicroUSB cable can be plugged in to power the 3D head right from the power outlet. During the charging, the left blue LED diode is on (charging of the first 6 batteries), then the right Bluetooth LED diode is on (charging of the other 6 batteries). The middle LED diode lights up when the batteries are fully charged.

Panorama creating

From the taken photos you can easily create variant panoramas. There are many good software on the market, but we recommend PanoramaStudio 2 Pro that can also create spherical panoramas. PanoramaStudio 2 is simple, but a really good software.

Package contents:

2x 3D head 360H1A
1x Tripod plate
1x Simple arm
1x Double arm
1x Case
1x Charger
12x AAA NiMH batteries

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