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Ø 38 cm Ring LED light with an output of 23W, four separate sections (on / off) and the modulated temperature of light from 3000 ° K to 5600 ° K. It finds use not only for shooting a portrait, but also for macro photography and many others.

  • Product code: FY3463
  • Producer: FOMEI
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Ø 38 cm LED RING 23W with light color temperature modulation from 3000K to 5600K. It finds use in portrait photography, macro and many others.

Product code: FY3409
€ 155.60
€ 128.60 without VAT
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The magic of ring light

The ring light is known mainly in the field of portrait photography where in the eyes creates beautiful effects and also illuminates the face from all sides, so it creates a beautiful soft light. FOMEI 23W LED RING contains 112 LEDs with 0.2W power, which are contained in four sections. Every section can be freely turned on or off.

Image 3

Creative portrait

In the photo are turned on only two section of the ring, and in spite of lower output is seen in the portrait soft light and specific reflection in her eyes. Everything depends on how far away from the face is ring LED light placed, or which sections are turn on or off.

The camera can be positioned directly on ring LED light, or nearby on the tripod and aim on the object with a long focal length through the ring light.

L-holder, on which light is mounted, it is possible to move up and down. So you can change the camera position in the ring, or insert holder as low as possible and shoot through the ring from a bigger distance.

The product will please you with its price in comparison with the possibilities that it offers. If you already use any lights, you can easily align the colour temperature and complement them for the new light FOMEI RING LED SMD 23W.


Weight       0,9 kg
Height:      380 mm + 80mm holder for stand
Width:      380 mm
Depth:        50 mm 

Image 4

Luminosity by distance

Distance (m): LUX 
0,5m:      861
1m:      241 
2m:     66.2 

Potographer Marek Musil with FOMEI LED lights

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