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TS-5C, remote trigger for Canon

Wireless HSS, TTL, Strobo trigger and controller for Digitalis Pro TX. It is fully compatible with CANON cameras. 

€ 150.00
€ 123.97 without VAT
FY3004 In stock

TR-X32 Canon, set of transmitter / receiver

Wireless studio light trigger and receiver kit for Canon cameras.

€ 119.60
€ 98.84 without VAT
FY3480 In stock

TR- X32C, transmitter for Canon

Wireless studio light trigger for Canon cameras.

€ 75.60
€ 62.48 without VAT
FY3484 In stock

TR- X32C, receiver for Canon

Wireless studio light receiver for Canon cameras.

€ 55.60
€ 45.95 without VAT
FY3485 In stock

Stojan LS-8A

HSS (High Sync Speed) transmitter for Canon cameras. It is compatible with the FY7318 receiver. Allows you to enjoy full flash output up to 1 / 8000s. Performs the function of a classic launcher with wireless control of flash output and the test button.

€ 88.00
€ 72.73 without VAT
FY7312 In stock

HSS IV, receiver Nikon/Canon

HSS (High Sync Speed) receiver for strobes with STROBO function. Compatible with transmitters FY7314 and FY7312.

€ 76.00
€ 62.81 without VAT
FY7318 In stock
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