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GoFrame 1500 HEX 5" (12.7cm) 36 pcs stretcher bars for assembling of six HEX pictures

GoFrame HEX package contains 36 pcs of stretching bars 5" (12.7 cm) for six HEX pictures production.  

  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product code: MG31205
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GoFrame HEX contains 36 pcs of stretching bars 5" (12.7 cm) for production of six HEX pictures, which you can put together and made a gripping collages with for this purpose made clips.

Hexagonal (HEXagonal) pictures have 3 cm depth.

Width of GoFrame HEX bars, also like GoFrame 1500 Standard bars, is 1.1 cm. Due to that are GoFrame clips universally usable for production of collages - quadrangular (GoFrame 1500 Standard) bars and hexagonal GoFrame HEX.

Canvas stretching was never so easy. GoFrame HEX means easy production of luxury hexagonal cloth pictures with 3 cm depth. The visible part of the frame forms the canvas itself (usually the picture, which is printed on it), thanks to that it perfectly suits in any interior.

Many of you may use a Photoshop HEX stencil (psd file), which is convenient for production of cloth models. It will be welcomed by those, who do not want to have a photography on the side ofHEX canvas, and instead of this, they want clear sides.

Because the process of stretching GoFrame canvases eliminates the use of stapler - the canvas is not adjusted from its back edge, so you can fully use the print surface of canvas and you do not have to think about the massive technological edges. System GoFrame saves yours prints material.

To assemble the frame (stretching the canvas) you will need six laths and GoFrame HEX. We also recommend you to use cutter, ruler with the steel edge and cutting mat. 

Tutorial video  HERE.

Another added value of GoFrame 1500 Standard and GoFrame HEX is the possibility of collage production, thanks to special clips. 

GoFrame HEX - advantages

  • do not need a stapler
  • effective presentation of honeycomb
  • forget the unsightly looking folds of canvas in the corners of the picture
  • thanks to the even pulling the canvas is precisely tightened  
  • depth of a picture is 3 cm 
  • collage making (GoFrame 1500 Standard and GoFrame HEX)
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