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HARMAN PHOENIX 200 135/36 (10pcs) | ILFORD HP5+ 135/36 (10pcs)

Product code: MI10011
Producer: ILFORD
Warranty: 24 months (Company 12 months)

Discounted set for dealers, photo clubs and schools: 10pcs colour negative film HARMAN PHOENIX 200, 35mm film 135/36 10pcs black and white negative film ILFORD HP5+, 35mm film 135/36.

€ 237.30
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10pcs HARMAN PHOENIX 200 + 10pcs ILFORD HP5+

two films from the same manufacturer in a discounted package

Do you shoot on the legendary ILFORD HP5+ black and white film?
Try the new colour negative film from its manufacturer for the C41 process - HARMAN PHOENIX 200.


Like the mythical Phoenix, this new film represents hope, rebirth and transformation. It signals the beginning of a new story and the start of an exciting new chapter for one of the world's largest producers of photographic film.

This is the first ever colour film produced completely from emulsion to cassette at the HARMAN factory in Mobberly, near Manchester, UK.

This quirky, experimental film produces high-contrast images with strong grain and bold, vivid colors. It is unlike any other color film in existence. Although ISO 200 is given as the base sensitivity, Phoenix can be rated anywhere from ISO 100 to 400. It works best in good, steady light. On brighter days or when shooting in backlight, there is the possibility of halation, which supports the overall strong impression of this film.

For best results and to preserve detail in highlights and shadows, we recommend metering the exposure to mid-tones. Phoenix is not friends with overexposure or underexposure.
Part of shooting on film is expecting the unexpected, and without a doubt that is exactly what Phoenix delivers. Uniquely colored negatives, anomalies in the field and distinctive features in the backlight.

Technical information 

  • New colour film with unique emulsion
  • Medium ISO 200 sensitivity
  • Exposure range ISO 100-400
  • Processing: C-41 process
  • Available only as 135/36 with DX code
  • Manufacturer: Harman technology Limited (GB)

What can you expect? 

  • Rich colours, matched in the characteristic Phoenix tone
  • Bold greens
  • Deep red
  • Vivid blue
  • Excellent colour base for further creative processing during and after scanning (both on flatbed scanners and Fujifilm/Noritsu LAB scanners)

How to get the best out of Phoenix?   

  • Shoot only in good, steady light
  • Work carefully with the right exposure
  • Meter for mid-tones
  • Phoenix is best suited for street photography, portraiture and other genres where the subject fills most of the frame
Amount Product Description
10 MI00107 HP 5 Plus 135/36
10 MI10001 HARMAN Phoenix 200 | 135/36, color negative (C-41)
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