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LED panels

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RC-WIFI, receiver for WiFi desk lights

WiFi receiver for wireless cotrol of Fomei LED lights, which support this function.

€ 92.00
€ 76.03 without VAT
FY3469 In stock

Holder for DSLR/Video LED LIGHT

Joint holder for a small LED lights on the camera or DSLR. 1/4 "male thread at the top. Bracket for insertion into the camera hot-shoe at the bottom and 1/4" female thread at the bottom.

€ 8.80
€ 7.27 without VAT
FY4326 In stock

Softbox + Grid 34 x 35 cm/LED RGB 60D


The softbox for continuous RGB 60D LED light with honeycomb filter is used to direct the light and for easy handling. You can use the reflective frame of the softbox alone, put on a diffusion fabric or a honeycomb filter without fabric, or all together.

€ 33.20
€ 27.44 without VAT
FY4342 In stock