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Livestream Studio - Advanced kit -2/Black

Product code: FY3725
Producer: FOMEI
Warranty: 24 months (Company 24 months)

Professional set of motorized table, rail system, stands, LED RGB lights with Pixel effect and control app for iOs and Android.

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€ 1 973.60
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Creative video desk for streaming, video conferencing, direct selling products on the internet, for creators of content on YouTube, Tik Tok and Instagram. The adavnce kit is a basic but equipped professional motorized table set with a 160 cm x 80 cm x 3,6 cm working area. With the table, you can choose the working height you need at the moment from 71 - 121 cm and simply push a button to move the table up or down. The rail system with S-holders allows you to surround yourself with the audio-visual equipment you need. But nothing has to be permanent. Changing the broadcast SET-UP is fast and fun.


A four-wheeled, height-adjustable desk that can sit on an office chair, sit on a barstool or work standing up. The height of the tabletop is easily adjusted with the up and down arrows from 71 - 121 cm. The built-in motor quickly ensures a comfortable change of leg height. A table top height of 3.6 cm ensures sturdiness, a length of 80 cm ensures sufficient clearance and a width of 160 cm ensures sufficient working space. The track system is fixed to the table and thanks to the movable S-hodler, stands and brackets can be positioned as required. The S-hodler is a universal holder that can be reliably locked in the required position on the track by turning it. There are four S-holders on the front track and two S-holders on the right and left side track. There are thus 8 movable places on the table for attaching the racks and holders. On the edges of the table there are fixed telescopic stands for the main lights.  


Current state-of-the-art LED lights (4 pcs) with 60W power as the ultimate streaming studio equipment. Ultra thin lights(6 cm) made of metal alloy with color temperature range 2700 - 10 000 K, RGB HSI mode, 15 scene effects, 9 Pixel effects, Lights are equipped with DMX IN/OUT connectors. LED panel size is 37,5 x 38,5 cm. The control app for iOs and Android is in English. The front lights are equipped with softboxes with honeycomb filter for perfect portrait lighting.  


The set comes with stands for mounting four lights. Additional stands and brackets can be selected for mounting a monitor, laptop, microphone and other lights.
A sophisticated system of stands, arms and brackets solve the mounting of monitors, lights, microphones and other accessories for your streaming studio. The monitor mount is conveniently assembled from the LS-3B stand + M-holder 1B MINI. For top mounting of the camera and camera, a combination of the LS-3B stand and Boom-1B arm is suitable. The variable Boom-2B and MAX ARM-1B arms will help you shape the stand to the exact position you will use it best. The M-Holder 2B is a popular storage shelf for your laptop, for notes or to put your coffee away at ease.


Choose from several types of photo-video backgrounds to find the right one for the room in which the streaming studio is located. If we have a room width of at least 4 m, there is nothing to worry about and a2.4 x 4 m panromatic background will fit perfectly. The backdrop consists of an aluminium structure and a cotton green background. The whole background system forms an arch. For smaller spaces under 4 m wide, we recommend the foldable oval panel 2 x 1.5 m. Thanks to the keying and keyable background, we can quickly use the virtual background

Amount Product Description
6 FY3707 Rail End Cap 3 x 3 cm
2 FY3510 Master LS-3B, stand, max. 85 cm, 2 section
1 FY3717 Sada 4 ks koleček pro stůl
2 FY4351 Boom-1B MINI, telescopic arm with joint
1 FY3712 Deska na stůl - černá, 160 x 80 x 3,6 cm
1 FY3711 Motorické nohy M1B - černé
2 FY4342 Softbox s voštinovým filtrem 34 x 35 cm/LED RGB 60D
2 FY4356 Boom - 3B MINI, table stand
14 FY3708 Threaded bracket M6 for rail mounting
8 FY4357 S holder - 1B Mini
2 FY3705 Rail 60 x 3 x 3 cm
1 FY3706 Rail 120 x 3 x 3 cm
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  • We stand behind the quality of our products, so we offer an extended two-year warranty (24 months) for this product from the date of purchase, instead of the standard one-year warranty. Our guarantee is fully valid for end customers and also for entrepreneurs who buy on their Company ID.
  • Possible defects are solved directly in our headquarters in Hradec Králové, where we operate a fully equipped professional electric service facility, with a team of trained technicians.
  • We have a big stock of spare parts in our technical center, so repairs are fast without any delay. We understand the situation of professionals for whom photographic equipment is the main source of income, so we offer the possibility of renting an equivalent replacement of the product for the whole service period for warranty repairs.


  • If any consumables (e.g. cartridge, toner, print head, light bulb, fluorescent lamp, discharge tube or battery) are included in the packaging or are subject-matter of a supply, their lifetime is specified on the product, its packaging, in the manual, etc.; if the lifetime is not specified in accordance with the aforesaid, it is 6 months.


  • Our products do not end their lives on the day the warranty expires. Thanks to the quality of the parts and the stability of the suppliers, our flashes are reparable more than 10 years from the date of sale. Most of the faults are solved by repairing the part, not by simply replacing it. We solve both electronic defects and physical damage.
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