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Panther Power Pack - 2000, battery generator

New universal battery generator with three power sockets for power supply of studio flash heads, light units, notebooks, mobile phones, etc.

  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product code: FY7379
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€ 756.00
€ 624.79 without VAT
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Fomei Panther Pro 2000 is designed in accordance with industry standard.

Thanks to excellent parameters, high performance, stability and the portable design is ideal AC power supply for outdoor applications, such as backup power in the workplace. The design of electronic circuits Fomei Panther Pro 2000 came from the high requirements of the modern flash device.

In the studio equipped with a battery generator Panther Pro 2000. You can work with flash devices powered from the power supply (220V) and with the same device, you can work outdoors thanks to battery generator. The generator has two modes: with flash and without flash. So you can use three standard sockets (220V) also is equipped with three USB ports for mobiles and tablets.


• Photographic equipment: Studio flashes, tri-color lamps, quartz lamps and other sources of continous light.
• Electronic household products: TVs, camcorders, cameras, photo frames, radios and phones, etc.
• Household appliances: vacuum cleaners, fans, lamps, electric shavers, refrigerators, blenders and so on.
• IT equipment: computers, network servers, printers, faxes, scanners, etc.
• Power Tools: Electric power saws, drills, grinders, mixers etc.
• Other devices with rated output 750W (With 800W Panther Pro 2000 can operate continuously for only 3 minutes.)
• FLASH mode: Flashes capacity  600 Ws = 600-700 flashes
• NORMAL mode: 40 min. = 330 W light bulb
• The product warranty is 5 years. The warranty for a separate battery is 6 months.

Stprage battery LiFePO4

is the modernist trend for keep electronic power. It is safer than Li-Ion battery. It can not explode, has higher discharge electric current and also has much higher service life than classic Li-Ion battery.

Trvalý výstupní výkon750W
Vstupní napětí11-15,5V
Výstupní napětí230V/50Hz
Typ akumulátoruLiFePO4
Charging time3h
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