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refl.pan. 100x220/black/white

Reflecting panels 2-in-1 are supplied in set which includes stand, revolving joint, collapsible springs and diffusion cloth with two tints for light softening.

  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product code: FY7615
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220 x 100 reflecting panel 2 in 1 in black and white variant. We produced this product on request of professional photographer Tomáš Třeštík. The panel is suitable for reflecting and shading light during portrait and body photography. You can use the panel vertical or horizontal way thanks to swivel joint. Collapsible rods allows you fast composition and transportation.

Reflecting panels are delivered in the set which contains stand, swivel joint, collapsible rods and reflecting cloth. The stand has two sections so you can change the height of reflecting panel. In swivel, joint are four holes for collapsible rods and that is how you can reach perfect tension of reflecting cloth.

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