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Strobo set 1/400/400, studio kit

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Digitalis Pro STROBO studio kit. Great solution for extreier and interier photography. Radio frequency triggers included.

  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product code: FY9125
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Digitalis Pro STROBO studio kit.

Kit Includes:

 2 x FY9142 Digitalis Pro S400DC
2 x FY7313 stand LS-10A
2 x FY7777 reflector 16,5 cm
2 x FY7859 TR-16 receiver 2,4 GHz
1 x FY7829 TR-16 transmitter 2,4 GHz

Studio flash head with STROBO function, powered by changable Li-Ion battery.

Pilot lamp is a 2,5W LED light. You can trigger from 550 to 4500 flashes with a fully charged battery, depends on selected power.  It is possible to attach a wide variety of reflectors and softboxes because of the standardized bayonet. You can also add a radio transmitter TR22 for cordless controlling. This Fomei strobo flash head has 3 modes to select.

1. Normal mode - Normal Mode

This is a standard mode, a current of all flashes.
You can control the flash output by 1.0 f-stop (12 Ws) to 7.0 f-stop (400 Ws).
Performance can vary by 0.5 f-stop.

2. High Flash Duration Mode („T")

In this mode, you can set a specific speed or flash lamp burning time.
Mode is used for motion picture, sports, advertising and artistic photography, where is necessary to "freeze" motion.
When you switch back to normal mode, you see the last set performance.
Speed ​​flash performance may vary from T1 (lowest power) to T7 (the highest) by using the knob.
You can control the flash rate by 0.5 step.

3. HSS mode ("H")

• You can shoot with shutter speed till 1/8000 s even with full flash intensity.
• Fast shutter times can freeze almost everything, this property is the most popular among sports photographers.
• You can find the last intensity set after the switching to normal mode.
• Intensity setup is from H1 (low intensity) to H7 (high intensity) by 1 step.
• Available only with HSS transmitter and receiver for CANON (FY9153, FY9152) or for NIKON (FY9156, FY9183).

4. Stroboscopic mode ("C")

This function can run 5, 10 and 15 flashes per 1 second.
In this shooting mode, use the "B" time, or you can experiment with slow 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 sec.
Two power modes: C1 (lower) and C2 (higher)
Repeating mode recommended for shooting moving images.
Color temperature and flash rate is similar to the mode t1 and t2

Flash Power and Colour Temperature (Normal Mode)
Power f-stop Power Ws Colour Temperature K
7.0 400 5420
6.0 200 5480
5.0 100 5560
4.0 50 5600
3.0 25 5590
2.0 12.5 5550
1.0 6 5500

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