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Strobo set 1/400/400, studio kit

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Digitalis Pro STROBO studio kit. Great solution for extreier and interier photography. Radio frequency triggers included.

  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product code: FY9125
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Digitalis Pro STROBO studio kit.

Kit Includes:

 2 x FY9142 Digitalis Pro S400DC
2 x FY7313 stand LS-10A
2 x FY7777 reflector 16,5 cm
2 x FY7859 TR-16 receiver 2,4 GHz
1 x FY7829 TR-16 transmitter 2,4 GHz

Studio flash head with STROBO function, powered by changable Li-Ion battery.

Pilot lamp is a 2,5W LED light. You can trigger from 550 to 4500 flashes with a fully charged battery, depends on selected power.  It is possible to attach a wide variety of reflectors and softboxes because of the standardized bayonet. You can also add a radio transmitter TR22 for cordless controlling. This Fomei strobo flash head has 3 modes to select.

1. Normal Mode

• This is a standard mode, common for all studio flash heads.
• You can controll the flash head power with a rotatable regulator from 1.0 f-stop (6Ws) to 7.0 f-stop (400Ws).  
• You can adjust the power each 0.1 f-stop.

2. High Flash Duration Mode ("T")

• In this mode you adjust only the speed of the flash (flash duration).
• This mode is used for photographies in motion, advertisement and art photografies when it is necessary to "freeze" the motion.
• When you switch back to Normal Mode, the last used power is set.
• You can change the speed of the flash from T1 (lowest power) to T7 (highest power) with a rotatable regulator.
• You can adjust the speed each 1 f-stop.

3. Stroboscopic Mode ("C")

• This function is able to trigger 5, 10 or 15 flashes per 1 second.
• With this mode you use time "B" or you can experiment with longer duration - 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 s.
• 2 power modes: C1 (lower) a C2 (higher)
• We recommend using this mode for photographies in motion.
• Colour temperature and the speed of the flash is similar to t1 and t2 mode.

Flash Power and Colour Temperature (Normal Mode)
Power f-stop Power Ws Colour Temperature K
7.0 400 5420
6.0 200 5480
5.0 100 5560
4.0 50 5600
3.0 25 5590
2.0 12.5 5550
1.0 6 5500

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