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Table Top Pack-8

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Set of halogen lights with stands and photo table Big Table 100 and accessories...

  • Product code: FYTAB8
  • Producer: Fomei
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Table Top Pack-11, Digitalis /600/400/400

Digitalis Flash Kit with stands

Product code: FYTAB11
€ 1 883.30
€ 1 556.45 without VAT
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Table Top Pack-8

Set of halogen lights with stands and photo table Big Table 100 and accessories for product photos.

Set included

3x FY7778 Digital Light-1000
3x FY7777 Reflector 16.5 cm/Umbrella Reflector
2x FY7791 Softbox 80x80 cm
2x FY7660 Reducer for softbox
2x FFY7313 Stand LS-10A
1x FY7305 Stand LS-3B
1x FY7507 DFS-backround
1x FY7694 Diffuse plate

Construction of the table:

It is made of a metal alloy and has a black spraying - back legs of construction are equipped with wheels for easy manipulation - back side of the table is tilting in any angle of tilt - table construction is equipped with transport bag

Diffuse plate:

- It is made of PETG Gr.Fr.opal 30/3 mm

- The light transmission is 30%

- UV stabilization

- Made in Sweden

- Well packaged for transport

- This product can not be shipped by standard transport.

- About possibility of transporting we will inform you on request.

Amount Product Description
1 FY7507 DFS-backround refl.
1 FY7623 Big Table 100, metal construction only
1 FY7694 Diffusion Plate 100 x 240 cm/PETG Gr.Fr.opal 30/3mm
3 FY7778 Digital Light - 1000, 0 - 1000 W/3 200 K
2 FY3512 Master LS-10B, stand, max. 250 cm, 3 section
2 FY7660 Adapter-FOMEI, Digitalis ProxX, Digitalis Pro, Digitalis
3 FY7777 Reflektor 16,5 cm/Digital Pro X, Digitalis Pro, Digitalis
2 FY7790 EKO Soft Box 60 x60 cm/silver/ including Speedring without adapter
1 FY3510 Master LS-3B, stand, max. 85 cm, 2 section
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