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Teleprompter basic set FOMEI

Product code: FY4455
Producer: FOMEI
Warranty: 24 months (Company 24 months)

 A set of reading device and complete LED studio lighting for high-quality and great-looking streaming or video shooting. The set is suitable for a sitting figure in home or studio spaces.

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€ 647.60
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What exactly this kit contains can be found in the "Kit includes" tab. 


The reading device itself makes it easier for streamers, youtubers and other creators who want or need to talk to the camera, look confident and say complex text. Among other things, good light must not be forgotten, and this is the purpose of this set, which is suitable for this work.

The set of two lights with the diffuser and stands can be used in many ways.

1. One as the main and the other on the contours
2. One as the main and the other for the shadow fill
3. Both lights at the front for flat lighting

And many other ways of lighting. The entire light set contains a bag and therefore it is easy to pack the whole studio and put it in the closet.


Nowadays, product videos and live streams have become a common part of communication on the Internet. However, fluent speech in front of the camera is uncomfortable and complicated for most of us. Great help can be a teleprompter. A device with semi-transparent glass, where you can put a tablet/smartphone with a pre-prepared script. The reader will allow us to drop some of the concerns and avoid unnecessary bloopers or inaccurate statements. The teleprompter will help with fluent speech while maintaining eye contact with the viewer.


The basis of the reading device is semi-transparent glass, which ensures the reflection of flowing text from the display (usually a tablet or a mobile phone) towards a speaker who reads this text from the glass. Thanks to the qualities of the glass, it is possible to place the recording device behind it, so that the speaker can look directly into the camera.

(1) video camera; (2) screen; (3) tablet / monitor; (4) semi-transparent glass; (5) the direction of the speaker ́s view; (6) text reflection towards the speaker


Working with the FOMEI teleprompter is very easy. Simple metal structure with durable elements can be ready for operation in a minute. Our device is designed for use primarily with tablets (the largest possible size is 12.9 inches - it is possible to use the largest iPad Pro), but if necessary, it is possible to use a smartphone. As a recording device, you can use DSLR or smartphone. To hold a smartphone, the package also includes a mobile phone holder and its positioning joint.  

PACKAGE CONTAINS: teleprompter, lampshade, mobile phone holder and transportation bag.
Amount Product Description
1 FY3512 Master LS-10B, stand, max. 250 cm, 3 section
1 FY4259 BASIC HOBBY LED, Terronic
1 FY4450 Telepromter 14”, FOMEI
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  • We stand behind the quality of our products, so we offer an extended two-year warranty (24 months) for this product from the date of purchase, instead of the standard one-year warranty. Our guarantee is fully valid for end customers and also for entrepreneurs who buy on their Company ID.
  • Possible defects are solved directly in our headquarters in Hradec Králové, where we operate a fully equipped professional electric service facility, with a team of trained technicians.
  • We have a big stock of spare parts in our technical center, so repairs are fast without any delay. We understand the situation of professionals for whom photographic equipment is the main source of income, so we offer the possibility of renting an equivalent replacement of the product for the whole service period for warranty repairs.


  • If any consumables (e.g. cartridge, toner, print head, light bulb, fluorescent lamp, discharge tube or battery) are included in the packaging or are subject-matter of a supply, their lifetime is specified on the product, its packaging, in the manual, etc.; if the lifetime is not specified in accordance with the aforesaid, it is 6 months.


  • Our products do not end their lives on the day the warranty expires. Thanks to the quality of the parts and the stability of the suppliers, our flashes are reparable more than 10 years from the date of sale. Most of the faults are solved by repairing the part, not by simply replacing it. We solve both electronic defects and physical damage.
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