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Telepromter 14”, FOMEI


A teleprompter is a device that can help with fluent speech while maintaining eye contact with the viewer. Great for product videos, instruction manuals and podcasts.

€ 399.60
€ 330.25 without VAT
FY4450 In stock

Teleprompter basic set FOMEI

€ 71.20

 A set of reading device and complete LED studio lighting for high-quality and great-looking streaming or video shooting. The set is suitable for a sitting figure in home or studio spaces.

€  718.80 € 647.60
€ 535.21 without VAT
FY4455 In stock

Teleprompter stage set FOMEI

€ 99.60

Set of reading device and two powerful LED rolling panels for high-quality and great-looking streaming or video making. Suitable for a standing figure in home spaces and larger studios.

€ 1 245.60 € 1 146.00
€ 947.11 without VAT
FY4456 Arriving soon

Teleprompter home set FOMEI

€ 69.10

A set of a reading device and two studio LED lights on a flexible arm with attachment to a table, shelf, or other device with a maximum thickness of 62 mm. A convenient solution for home and office studios that takes up almost no space.

€  852.70 € 783.60
€ 647.60 without VAT
FY4457 Less then 5 PCS