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Terronic Basic Hobby 5 / set 2

Two powerful permanent light with five mounts E27 for maximum variability lighting. Softbox with two diffuse cloths and honeycomb filter allows you manipulation with types of light. Basic 5 Light is ideal assistant for filming or photography.   

  • Product code: FY3437
  • Producer: Well Link Industrial
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Terronic Basic Hobby 5 / set 2

Powerful permanent light wtih 5 light bulbs 35W, which is suitable for filming and photography.

Set contains

2FY3431          Basic Hobby-5, 5x 35W bulb, Terronic  
2x FY7313       Stand LS-10A, FOMEI
1x FY4287       Octabox kit 120 cm BASIC
1x FY4278       60x90 softbox kit Terronic

Option to purchase bulbs

FY3433 - bulb 36W
FY3434 - bulb 85W
FY3435 - bulb 105W

We recommend using lamps above.

E27 socket

The sleeve may be fitted with classic E27 light bulbs with various color range and get not just avalible but variable and creative type of lighting. We recomend using bulbs above, eventually other with the same parameters. Other types only after consulting with technical department.

Why Basic Hobby 5

Light contains five bulbs but you can use either one bulb or two or three or four or even five.You also have the option to illuminate the scene with a steady light in which you do not use only one performance, but use different combinations. For example, you can also use only one bulb to reshape the scene and model the shadows and once everything is ready, increase the intensity and start taking pictures or filming. Thanks to the incredible variability of the permanent light can even beginners create amazing photos or videos.

Advantage of softbox

Softbox itself is internally provided with the reflective surface and works as a reflector. So used softbox will create hard light a large area. In case of difuse cloths use we achieve that light spreads more uniformly and shadows will be reduced. Honeycomb filter prevents spread light sideways and streamlining it. 

Great choice! 

Finally, the Terronic Basic 5 is great choice to each studio and we believe that everyone will bring from it the most good. After all, use is up to you.

Amount Product Description
1 FY4287 Octabox kit 120 cm BASIC, Terronic
1 FY4278 60x90 softbox kit Terronic
2 FY3431 Basic Hobby-5, 5x36W žárovka, Terronic
2 FY7353 LS-260A, stojan, max.260 cm, 3 section, Terronic
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