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Triggers for studio strobes and camera.

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TR HSS III, transmitter (for Canon)

High Sync Speed wireless transmitter for Digitalis Pro Strobo flash heads and Canon cameras.

Product code: FY9153
€ 80.30
€ 66.36 without VAT
In stock
TR HSS III(for Canon), receiver

High Sync Speed wireless receiver for Digitalis Pro Strobo flash heads.

Product code: FY9152
€ 69.00
€ 57.02 without VAT
In stock
Transmitter HSS for Nikon

HSS (High Sync Speed) transmitter for NIKON cameras. Compatible with receiver FY9183. Allows you to use full power of the flash with time 1/8000s. In normal mode ('N') works like a classic trigger with option of wireless flash power output control and of course test button.

Product code: FY9156
€ 80.30
€ 66.36 without VAT
In stock
Product code: FY9183
€ 80.30
€ 66.36 without VAT
In stock
Product code: FY3448
€ 145.60
€ 120.33 without VAT
In stock
TR - 16, TR transmitter 2,4 GHz / 16 channels

TR transmitter for studio flashes Digitalis, Digitalis Pro, Digital Pro X. Frequency: 2,4 GHz / 16 channels. Transmitter range 100 m.

Product code: FY7829
€ 50.70
€ 41.90 without VAT
In stock
RF receiver for Digitalis and Digitalis Pro/2,4 Ghz

Radiový přijímač pro studiové blesky Digitalis, Digitalis Pro a Digital Pro X. Pracovní frekvence: 2,4 GHz, 16 kanálů. Dosah: 100 m.

Product code: FY7859
€ 54.40
€ 44.96 without VAT
In stock
TR-16 WRT, radio receiver/transmitter/433 MHz

Remote control for Canon DSLR cameras or Transmitter / Receiver for external flashes.

Product code: FY7378
€ 58.00
€ 47.93 without VAT
In stock
TR-16D, receiver + transmitter / 16 channels /2,4 GHz

Professional system of TR transmitters suitable for external and studio flashes - transmitter + receiver. Transmitter range: 80 m, 16 channels. Frequency: 2,4 GHz, Max. synchro time: 1/250 s, Baterie: receiver 2 x 1,5V/AA

Product code: FY7688
€ 162.40
€ 134.21 without VAT
Not in stock
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