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He takes care of the FOMEI PAPER strategy, i.e. the assortment of FOMEI and Hahnemühle papers and canvases. Jan communicates with suppliers of raw materials and takes care of foreign distributors of FOMEI photo papers. He leads lectures in the field of color management and materials for photographic printing.

Jan studied at the CTU in Prague and he still likes returning there. His job is his hobby and he tries to be an optimist. A handshake is more than a signed contract.

His leisure time, Jan spends time with his family, swimming and cycling. He grows garlic and listens to Motörhead. He does not look for another adrenalin, it is enough to take a look at the world from above – walk on one's toes.

Selected publications 

Kaiser J., Košťál E.: The Colour Splitting System for TV Cameras - XYZ Prism. In: Radioengineering. 2001, vol. 10, no. 3, p. 18-20.

Páta P., Klíma M., Kaiser J.: Selected techniques for optical information processing - educational approach. In: Telecommunications and Signal Processing TSP - 2001. Brno VUT FEI, 2001, p. 46-48. ISBN 80-214-1962-8.

Kaiser J.: Colorimetric Aspects of the Future Imaging Systems. PhD thesis, FEE CTU Prague, 2005.

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Kaiser J.: Digital Color Imaging – Modern Desktop Printing, Czech Technical University in Prague, Department of Radioelectronics, 22. 11. 2007.

Lukáš Krauz, Petr Páta, Jan Kaiser: Assessing the Spectral Characteristics of Dye- and Pigment-Based Inkjet Prints by VNIR Hyperspectral Imaging. In: Sensors. 2022, vol. 22, no. 2, p. 603.

Jan Kaiser: Introduction to photo paper selection. Handbook FOMEI, 2022. On-line:

Jan Kaiser: Průvodce digitální fotokomorou. Handbook FOMEI, 2022 (CZ only). On-line:

Ing. Jan Kaiser, Ph.D.

Ing. Jan Kaiser, Ph.D.

Product manager – FOMEI PAPER
+420 495 056 315
+420 603 587 898