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From the entire offer of FOMEI FOTO PRINT handles tools and papers for mass production of photographs (minilabs, photo kiosks and photo printers). He cares about minilab to be a good colleague of the minilabist, so that the photo kiosk gladly greeted customers and the photo printer is obediently communicating with every photographer.

Tomas will be happy to respond to your queries and challenges from production (minilab) and event photo printing. Whether the question will concern technology, consumables or the economy of operation, Tomas is ready to help you.

In every situation he is an optimist. He likes relaxing in active sports (badminton, cycling), in clouds while flying, with high-quality music or sci-fi films.

Tomáš Rygl

Tomáš Rygl

Minilabs and photoprinters
+420 495 056 206
+420 603 587 902